Why do 503 errors occur

Error 502 Bad Gateway: What's the Problem?

Alternatively, you can use a browser other than your standard browser. If this is successful, it is recommended that you reinstall your default browser. If switching browsers doesn't solve your problem with the Bad Gateway Error either, it's time for the Settings of your network to check. The easiest way to do this is to restart your modem and router. If this does not lead to the desired success, then try switching from WLAN to LAN and using a cable connection.

Sometimes the problem is neither with you nor with the website driver, rather the Internet provider is to blame for the "502 Bad Gateway" disaster. The cause is then an incorrect entry on its DNS server. To avoid the error message, set a different DNS server in your settings. Under Windows this can be changed in the settings of your TCP / IP connection. For test purposes, you can, for example, access the free Google DNS server, which you can access under and

However, if the webmaster is responsible for the error, there is little more you can do (apart from using the cache version) than to wait. In most cases the error is temporary and is already being processed by the webmaster. However, especially with smaller pages, it can also make sense to take the initiative and take the Contact the operator of the website. Perhaps he does not yet know anything about the malfunction and is happy about the information.