How long can you drink Kreuzkuemmelwasser?

Weight loss drink Like shedding pounds with cumin water

Cumin, often referred to as cumin, has a permanent place in oriental cuisine. The seeds are now available in almost every supermarket, including in powder form. However, if you rarely cook exotic dishes, you will not resort to cumin too often. Because its taste is strong and brings taste nuances such as aniseed and fresh citrus fruits.

Cumin is, and this has been proven by studies, as a digestive aid and thus a hard-working helper in losing weight. So why not give it a try with a cumin drink?

This drink also helps with weight loss - green tea!

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Study shows: cumin helps you lose weight

A study by the Kashan University for Medical Sciences in Iran, which was published in 2015 in the journal "National Center for Biotechnology Information", examines the effects of cumin. The results should make people who want to lose weight sit up and take notice, because the study confirms that cumin has the same positive effect as diet pills when it comes to losing weight.

The scientists in Iran had divided 78 overweight people between the ages of 18 and 60 into groups. One group received a diet pill, another a placebo, and the third group finally received a capsule with cumin extract three times a day. The agents were administered over a period of eight weeks and the effect on body weight was then measured. The subjects who received the diet pills or the cumin extract both lost weight, and at a comparable rate. This effect could not be observed in the placebo group. And for the cumin eaters there was another positive effect: their blood sugar levels showed far better values ​​than in the other two groups.

Green helpers: With herbs against dangerous belly fat

Cumin as a medicinal plant and weight loss agent

Cumin has long been valued as a medicinal plant in Asia, especially in India. The seeds are used when there are problems in the gastrointestinal tract. The stimulating effect of cumin on digestion is used. The production of gastric juice and saliva is stimulated, which in turn was confirmed in 2008 by various studies.

Bran plants, great effect, at least if you are familiar with herbs.

How about a cup of cumin tea?

So you can now cook more with cumin with a clear conscience. Or you can just make yourself a cup of cumin tea. To do this, you should simply bring some water to the boil, put a teaspoon of cumin in a glass and add the water to it. Depending on your preferences, you can pass it through a sieve before drinking.

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