What is the next social network

Is Peach the next big social network?

A messenger app has attracted a lot of attention in the App Store in the last few weeks. Peach is the name of the new hit, an app that acts as a closed social network.

New social networks keep popping up, enjoying their fame for a short time, and then disappearing again into insignificance. Will Peach be spared the same fate? It got off to a promising start, and after just a few days it was the most discussed messenger app on social media.


What is and what can Peach do?

Peach combines the well-known features of established social networks such as Facebook and Twitter with the most important functions of WhatsApp and Snapchat. Developed by Dom Hofmann, the founder of Vine, the app has already been referred to as a “mix of Twitter and Slack”.

As with social networks, you can find and add friends, like and comment on posts, manage contacts and send emojis. And not too short, because the app offers a whole host of them. Images, songs and location and weather data can also be shared with friends quickly and easily.
Chatting works like most other apps, but Peach offers a special highlight: the “Magic Words” ...


“Magic Words” carry out your commands.

One of the most imaginative features of Peach is the control of some functions with "Magic Words" such as:

draw - to make small drawings with your finger on the display
song - recognize a currently playing music track and share it with the appropriate link (Spotify or Apple Music link)
weather - informs your friends about your current weather
dice - if you feel like playing a game of dice with two six-sided dice
battery - shows, yes, the current energy status of the battery
here - lets others know where you are right now
move - informs you and others about how much you have moved today
game - to search for games
movie - to find movies
shout - adds emphasis to your message
rate - to rate things like locations, drinks or food
events - to access the calendar
goodmorning / goognight - to wish "good morning" or "good evening"
safari - to say is enough to open the browser

As the magic word “Safari” suggests, Peach is an app that was developed for iOS devices. An Android version of the new app is not yet available. However, there has recently been a web version of Peach, which only has a stripped-down package of functions compared to the app.

For the time being, the Peach Community will only be reserved for iOS users.

To the Peach Official Website: