How do I make homemade bread

The perfect yoghurt yeast dough for small pizzas or rolls, without walking time and prepared in a few minutes

Added: 10/24/2017

If you want to prepare pizza dough or other yeast dough for hearty things at home, the cooking time is usually specified in the recipe. But if you want to eat something right away, try this recipe for the yeast dough without rising time. Baking powder is mixed in to make the dough fluffy. The dough does not have to be coated with a tomato sauce or topped with ham or cheese. It can just be made into small loaves and believe me, it's perfect for breakfast. You will like it.


Make bread yourself

Added: 21.3.2018

A great and at the same time such a simple recipe for homemade rolls. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and they also taste really good the next day. However, we don't have any left over there, because nobody can resist the warm rolls that are taken straight out of the oven. I made the pattern with a bread roll pusher, which you can easily buy these days.


Butter snails - full tray with just one egg

Added: 1.2.2020

The dough is really fluffy and tender. Sometimes I stuffed the snails with something extra, but this time I made them without stuffing and they were even better than stuffed. When they're baked, just cut them in half, brush with butter and drizzle with honey.

Working time 35 min