How does AdSense send you money

Google Adsense - Part 2: Your Registration

After I wrote the basics about the pay-per-click earning potential of Google in the first part of the Google Adsense series, now comes step 2, the registration for Google Adsense.

Because you have to register extensively for the program in order to be able to use it on your website or on several websites.

Registration for Google Adsense

If you already have a Google account, you can find the part Google Adsense in your Google backend. There you can find Try something new the Adsense link. Click on the link and you will come to the login page of Google Adsense, where the blue button Register now Redirects you to the registration page.

Google Adsense has set a minimum age of 18 years to participate in this program. If you are younger, a parent or legal guardian can submit the online application and identify yourself as the payee. The payments from Google Adsense then also go to this.


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You should fill out the form on this page correctly: Above, enter the website on which you want to use Google Adsense. If you have several websites, you can later, when you have been signed in and accepted, create Adsense ads for other websites and simply insert them there. No need to report new websites to Google Adsense.

If you are a business owner using Google Adsense, so should you Account type in the drop-down box.

The other fields are self-explanatory from my point of view. Provide a full and valid mailing address, as only applicants with a valid mailing address will be admitted to the Adsense program. When you have completed everything and confirmed the program guidelines, click on Submit information.

You will then receive an email from Google. There you click on a link in the email to confirm. It will also forward your application to Google for review.

Then you have to wait until you receive an email about your application status. Depending on the number of applications received, this can take a few days to weeks.

Select the payment method, receive the PIN and enter it

If you have been accepted for the Adsense program, you can get started and generate ad codes in the administration area. I will explain how to do this in the next article. Because you first need a minimum income of € 70 to receive a payout and only then can you specify your payment method, tax number and other details in your account. This process is only necessary for the very first payout, after which this process runs automatically.

In Germany, Google Adsense offers two payment methods: bank transfer and payment by check. I myself decided to transfer money because this is the more convenient option for me. Also, wire transfer payments are faster (approximately 4 to five days) than check payments.

Once you have reached the limit of € 70 and entered all the data required for payment, Google will send a personal identification number to the postal address you provided. Enter this PIN in your Adsense account. It can take two to three weeks for you to receive the PIN, so don't be impatient.

Google may also ask you to confirm your phone number. An automatic call is generated by the system and you dial the confirmation number given in your Adsense account. I can no longer exactly remember my own registration with Google Adsense, except I can still remember the PIN that was sent by post.

It may sound a bit dodgy, but signing up for Google Adsense isn't difficult if you follow the steps and process that Google gives you. And once the first payment has been made, you don't need to do anything for the next transfers, because Google automatically triggers the payment.

Outlook: So much for starting and registering with Google Adsense. Now I can turn to creating Google Adsense ads and the different types of ads. I'll deal with that in the next article.

I wish you every success in signing up for Google Adsense!