Why do teachers have their favorite students

The teacher's darling is always well-behaved, attentive, answers frequently - and always has the right answer ready? Not mine! Believe it or not, I like lively children who are enthusiastic and who may forget to get in touch and just call in. Those who are open to discussion and have their own opinion - and above all speak it up! Nothing is worse than a class that hangs in its chair in a zero-minded position and refuses to cooperate even with simple questions. And in which nothing happens when there are controversial questions because the young people shy away from opening their mouths for fear of offending their classmates. Would be totally uncool.

I find it interesting when students think about it, ask questions and try to form their own opinion. Even if it turns out different than my own. It's my job as a teacher to educate the students to be young adults who sometimes express their opinions critically.

Of course, my favorite students are those who do it in a "proper" way and who don't mess with the tone. Finally, I also pay attention to my choice of words and talk to them on an equal footing. So my favorite students are often those whose names other colleagues clap their hands over their heads: Too lively, too critical!

"Are we all right again?"

There are also those who sometimes come to me after school and talk about themselves. Or those with whom you had a clash in the morning, who then come to the staff room in the afternoon, seek contact and thereby signal to me: "Are we all right again?" I don't have one student who I like best, but a lot of students who I really like and who enliven my everyday work with great conversations.

What I absolutely cannot handle, however, are students who - let's put it bluntly - lie, cheat, beat up classmates and believe that we teachers are a bit stupid and don't notice. Mistakes happen, I don't hold that against anyone. Who hasn't "forgotten" their homework? But if I catch a student doing it, I don't want to hear absurd excuses, but a clear admission of mistakes: "I didn't make that, I'll make up for it."

Even when scuffling with classmates, I absolutely can't stand it when the blame is always put on others. The main thing is that you can pull your head out of the noose yourself and maybe rub another one in a classmate.

My fighting spirit is awakened here

Is that why my hate students are? Certainly not, these are simply girls and boys who I actually feel sorry for and who make me wonder what's going wrong. My fighting spirit is more likely to be awakened here. It can't be that, as a teacher, I admit to myself that I don't like a child - and that's it. And when educational efforts bear fruit, one is all the more happy.

In general, the transition from hateful to favorite pupil is sometimes fluid. It can happen that a child drove me crazy in the first lesson in school - but is the most adorable kid in the sixth lesson or at lunch. Makes me laugh with a funny story or a witty note.

When I look into our future as a society, there are no yes-men that we should use in school, but people who stand by their own visions and who dare to change something. These are my favorite students.