What is nutrition and need

Food - more than a basic need

Eating is a basic need, but enjoyment should not be missing. (Photo by: AntonioGuillemF / Depositphotos)

To eat healthy food

In the course of its life, the human body makes various demands on the food it supplies.

Babies and toddlers eat differently than adolescents during puberty and, even in old age, the diet should be adapted to the special needs of the body and mind.

It is important in all these phases of life that food is as possible fresh is prepared and consumed. People need all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals, it just depends on the right composition.

Hunger should be perceived consciously

If you eat too much or too little, your body will be unbalanced so that you can no longer perceive the important feeling of hunger.

Hectic eating under time pressure or the constant consumption of fast food harm the body and mask the hunger and satiety signals of the body.

Families should, despite their parents' employment, at least one meal a day together and take in peace. This not only promotes a sense of togetherness in the family, but also teaches the children correct eating behavior in good time.

Families should strive to eat at least one meal a day together. (Photo by: monkeybusiness / Depositphotos)

Food - a trip to the land of milk and honey or an impenetrable maze?

Local and imported goods enrich the daily dining table with countless foods. The selection is large and there is something for every taste and every need.

Constantly new studies on food unsettle the consumer, so that in the end he often no longer knows what to and must eat. Buzzwords like organic, vegetarian, vegan and basic lead the customer into a maze of nutrition. It is and will remain important to inform yourself and to follow a healthy and balanced diet.

Less is more. Or?

Eating less can sometimes be more if you eat the right foods. If you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, avoid too many and unhealthy fats and ensure adequate exercise and sleep, you've already won half.

If a diet is appropriate, it should always be discussed with the attending physician in advance.

Drinking water is very important and no lemonade or cola can replace it.

A responsible approach to one's own body protects against many diseases and keeps both the body and the mind fit.

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