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Professional Work Visa: Work & Live Australia

The Professional work visa is to be assigned to the "General Skilled Migration Program". This residence permit has been developed exclusively for certain qualified professionals who wish to work and live in Australia, who are not sponsored and who can also meet the requirements imposed by the Australian government. One of the most important of these requirements is, for example, mastery of a profession that is in high demand on the 5th continent and is also on the 'Skilled Occupation List'. Furthermore, before applying for a work visa for skilled personnel, one should have gained current professional experience or have recently completed training in Australia with suitable qualifications. Applicants for this residence permit must also be between 18 and 44 years old and have a good command of English.


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Independent & Sponsored Work Visa for Skilled Personnel

The government makes a distinction between independent and sponsored applicants for a professional work visa. Independent applicants do not need a sponsor due to their good qualifications, which is why they are subject to the slightest restrictions with regard to the visa. However, if you are sponsored, then on the one hand suitable Australian relatives come into question, who have to comply with certain regulations. On the other hand, you can also be nominated or nominated by state bodies in Australia, provided that they meet the respective requirements.


Categories overview

An important criterion for choosing the right work visa for qualified personnel is where you are at the time of application. It is also crucial whether the applicant is a New Zealand citizen or not. Here we have listed the 3 main categories from which you can choose the right one in order to get a further and detailed overview of the respective visa options. Clicking on the individual categories automatically takes you to the corresponding overview articles.

Tip: Regardless of which of these three categories comes into question, it is best to carefully read through all visas in the selected category and then decide which work visa for specialist staff best suits the individual circumstances. Even if it is not the nicest task, reading several articles helps on the one hand to get a better perspective in the tangle of the many different visas and on the other hand you will in the end know exactly which residence permit is really the best for you.