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"The worst state in the world?"

1,080 MPs from 25 European countries have sent a joint letter to the governments of their countries to prevent the annexation of Palestinian territories by Israel. There are citizens who strongly disagree with them, for example with this letter:

Joint letter to all Middle East experts

We, the supporters of this letter, share serious concerns about those parliamentarians from all over Europe who are interfering in the so-called Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We are deeply concerned about all of the precedents that their interference is creating and thereby preventing a possible peace.

Some of the parliamentarians addressed have been torpedoing a solution to the conflict for decades by advocating a two-state settlement that is rejected by large parts of the Arab world. You repeatedly declare self-righteously, in accordance with international law and with relevant resolutions of the Security Council United Nations to stand. Unfortunately, however, they do not explain what this harmony means.

Since its inception, the small land of Israel has been repeatedly attacked with rockets, fired by militant groups, terrorist organizations and hateful governments whose declared aim is to wipe out Israel and annihilate the Jewish people. Some countries fund these groups, organizations and governments. None of these countries will benefit from the United Nations as criticized as Israel. The so-called Human Rights Council of United Nations instead condemned Israel more often than any other country in the world combined.

The United Nations

There are only two possible explanations for this: Either Israel is a state, more evil, more deviant and more damnable than all the other countries in the world combined, or that United Nations have a problem with the Jewish state.

Many MEPs in Europe support these internationally agreed parameters and principles, thereby effectively promoting sustained aggression against Israel and giving the enemies the green light for their hatred. This is fatal to the prospect of an Israeli-Arab peace. It is time, therefore, to adopt the most basic standards of international relations, including the Charter of United Nations to question.

We are deeply concerned about the impact the words and actions of some parliamentarians have on the lives of Israelis and Arabs and about their destabilizing potential in a region on Europe's doorstep. That concern is no less grave at a time when the world is grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, the greatest collective emergency in decades. The parliamentarians from Germany who most endanger the peace with their know-it-alls and follies include:

at the.

We call on the European heads of state and government to resolutely stay out of the conflict.

Europe does not have to explain to the international actors in this conflict how to behave and what solution they have to find. Above all, however, European representatives have to accept that it cannot go unchallenged that Hamas demands the destruction of Israel in its founding charter and that Fatah pays out generous pensions to terrorists who murdered Jews. Since the Fatah of funds of the European Union is supported, these terrorists are also indirectly financed by Europe.

We criticize this wholeheartedly: the violent rhetoric about the annihilation of Israel and the Jewish people has no place in 2020 and must have appropriate consequences. The constant failure to respond adequately is encouraging more and more Arab politicians to disregard fundamental principles of human rights.

Hamas chairman Khaled Meshall said on February 3, 2006: "Before Israel dies, it must be humiliated and degraded!"

Former Lebanese minister, Wiam Wahhab stated on Al-Jadid / New TV on July 4, 2010: “I support Germany in politics and Brazil in sport. I like the way Brazil plays football, but I like the Germans because they hate the Jews and they burned them. "

Abdallah Jarbu, Hamas' Deputy Minister for Religious Foundations, said on February 28, 2010: “Jews are alien bacteria, they are microbes unprecedented in this world. May God destroy the filthy people of the Jews because they have no religion and no conscience! I condemn anyone who thinks a normal relationship with Jews is possible, anyone who sits down with Jews, anyone who believes Jews are human! Jews are not people, they are not a people. They have no religion, no conscience, no moral values! "

The cleric Muhammed Salah "Abu Rajab" gave the following sermon on October 9, 2015 in the Al-Abrar Mosque in Rafah: “Our first phase should be: kill the Jews! You have no chance! The second phase should read: We will no longer expel the Jews! We will all cut and slaughter them! "

Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah explains: "In a final solution we cannot even see the existence of a single Israeli in our country, be it civilians or soldiers."

On the day of the 47th anniversary of Fatah, Mufti Muhammad Hussein spoke to the Abbas personally "Spiritual Leader of the Palestinian Autonomy" appointed the following words to the cheering crowd: "The hour of resurrection will not come until we have destroyed the Jews."

The rules-based global order is central to Europe's own long-term stability and security, but if hatred of Jews becomes the rule, then those rules must be broken.

We have a strong interest in and responsibility to combat rules that regulate the discrimination, persecution and extermination of Jews. A lasting solution to the conflict must be in accordance with human rights and guarantee equality. However, this has so far been denied to Jews.

Europe failed once before when Jews were annihilated by Germans. Europe remained silent, looked the other way and partly took part in the killing. Europe therefore has neither the diplomatic instruments nor the moral justification to promote a just goal in the Middle East conflict.

Arabs, Israelis, Muslims, Jews, Druze and Palestinians live in the Middle East. They are neighbors, work colleagues, teachers, lawyers, judges, members of parliament, police officers, firefighters, soldiers, cooks, sexual partners and much, much more. They laugh, live, eat, cry and argue together. They live together and share the same home. Together they are faithfully connected to the trees, rivers, mountains, seas, lakes, cities, villages and deserts of their homeland, which they often include in their prayers. You are family! Some are distant relatives, others are new and close confidants. All of these people are able to make peace.

We criticize all European parliamentarians who torpedo a peace process through their interference from outside. They incite the two sides against each other by playing down or hiding the cruel deeds of the Arab side and demonizing the deeds of the Israeli side. The problem with many self-proclaimed Middle East experts is that they cheer when a Gaza politician isn't Hitler, but nastily pound a Jewish politician in Israel to the ground when he's not Nathan the Wise.

We therefore call on these parliamentarians to serve peace by withdrawing and staying out of the conflict.

We are all the people who publicly share this article with the following words: By sharing this article, I declare that I am part of this joint letter.

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