Which is the richest country

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In 2016 these countries were the richest or poorest on earth:

Richest countries:Poorest countries:


1bCentral Afr. republic
2aBrunei 2 BLiberia
3aKuwait 3bBurundi
4aArab. Emirates 4bDR Congo
5aNorway 5b Niger
6aLuxembourg 6bMalawi
7aSwitzerland 7bMozambique
8aUnited States 8bTogo
9a Ireland 9bSierra Leone
10aSaudi Arabia10bMadagascar


The world map can be printed out here.


There are big differences between the wealth of the people in the world. The 10 poorest countries in the world are located on the African continent. While someone in Singapore has an average income of 216 US dollars a day, a person in the Central African Republic only has about 1.80 US dollars a day.

Wealth is measured here in terms of gross national income. That is the amount of money that all residents of a country have earned in one year. Here the gross national income per capita (inhabitant) was given taking into account the purchasing power parity. This means that one compares how much a person can buy from their actual income.


For example, a worker in Switzerland receives a higher amount of money than in Qatar. The worker in Qatar can buy more bread from this income than the person in Switzerland.

Incidentally, data cannot always be collected in all countries. This list therefore only includes those countries for which there are any data. There is no data from countries like Somalia, Yemen, Iraq or Libya, for example.


Source: World Bank

https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/NY.GNP.PCAP.PP.CD?end=2016&start=2016&view=map&year_high_desc=false (status: 19.06.2018)