What should I choose for house cleaning

Checklist: Task plan for cleaning the apartment

"I only clean the windows four times a year." Is that enough for you or would you like to have a clearer perspective more often? This small example already shows how different the demands of households can be. So that household services can meet your needs, you should say as precisely as possible beforehand what should be done and how often. Help should also know about special requests, for example when choosing a cleaning agent.

In the following we have put together a cleaning plan as an example. It lists many of the common cleaning tasks. You will certainly be missing some tasks that you value, while other things may seem superfluous to you. Therefore, the list is only intended as a suggestion for your own plan.

You can use the downloadable cleaning planwithout Use time information and enter the missing data by hand.


Exemplary comments for the service provider

Vacuum / sweep floors

Don't forget to change the vacuum cleaner bag

Mop the floors


Mop the stairs


Wipe the front door

and clean the doormat


Dust off furniture / shelves

Use dust magnet

Sweep cobwebs


Doors and frames

wipe with a damp cloth


Clean the radiator

especially in the heating season

Wipe the baseboards


clean windows

(including frame)


Picture frames and decorative

wipe objects


Dust curtains / blinds




Exemplary comments for the service provider

Vacuum upholstered furniture

Knock out the sofa cover outside

Clean the glass table with a damp cloth


Telephone / TV / stereo system

wipe off


Wipe the flower bank with a damp cloth

Please do not put the climbing plant on the ground

Ceiling and floor lamps

clean thoroughly


Furniture care

Due to allergies with furniture polish from the brand xy

Dust off books


Living room cupboards outside,

above, wipe inside




Exemplary comments for the service provider

Sink, bathtub

Clean the shower tray

including drain strainers

Wipe down bathroom cabinets



Tiles in the washing /

Clean the shower area


Clean toilet

separate cloth /

Use a sponge

Towels and

Change the doormat

clean in the closet dirty in laundry tub

Bathroom cabinets

wipe the inside


Descale the fittings

only with vinegar

Clean all tiles




Exemplary comments for the service provider

Clean the worktop

Use special care products

Clean stove

Use Ceran Care

Clean the sink

Use stainless steel cleaner

Kitchen appliances (coffee machine,



Empty trash can


Wipe the outside of the cupboards


Clean the inside of the refrigerator

Glass shelves in dishwasher

Clean all tiles


Cabinets above and

wipe inside


Clean the oven

by arrangement, will

soaked beforehand



Exemplary comments for the service provider

Peel off bed,

relate again

Turn the mattress over

Bed frame and box

wipe off


Clean lamps


Cabinets outside, above

wipe inside