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Advantages and disadvantages of a shared apartment

In the following, we present the advantages and disadvantages of living in a shared apartment - so you can perhaps better assess whether this is the right form of living for you. Perhaps you will come to the conclusion that having your own apartment is better for you or that a student residence hall could also be an option.

The advantages of a shared apartment

  • You are not alone. Especially at the beginning of your studies, you can quickly make friends in a shared apartment, get tips from older students and get to know a lot of people.
  • Since you share a lot of costs in a shared apartment, flat shares are a good solution, especially for students with a small budget. This also includes furnishing with furniture, kitchen & Co. Such things are often already available in a shared apartment or you only have to bring some with you.
  • You can pass the time with joint cooking, film and game evenings and often have something to laugh about. In a shared apartment you can find friends for life.
  • You can also ask for help when studying for exams.
  • Are you hungry but haven't bought anything to eat? Maybe your roommate will lend you pasta and tomato sauce. Or you can cook together right away.

You also have all these advantages in a student residence hall. If you want to learn more about dormitories, read on here.

Living in a student residence

The disadvantages of a flat share

  • Anyone who lives in a shared apartment must adhere to community rules. Put away used dishes, don't leave hair in the sink and much more - this can be exhausting for untidy people. But also healing.
  • There can be disputes about things like electricity and heating bills or back payments. Other popular controversies: Who's turn to clean the bathroom? And who took out the garbage more often? Who ate the last yogurt?
  • You're not alone. What is an advantage on the one hand can also be a disadvantage in learning phases. When you urgently need to finish chores and your roommates are making a row, it's hard to concentrate.
  • If several roommates have to leave the house at the same time in the morning, it is important to discuss the use of the bathroom the evening before.

If these are points that give you headaches, your own apartment may be a better option for you:

Living in your own apartment

Our overview does not claim to be complete, but the most important arguments for or against WG are represented here. You should find out for yourself whether the advantages or disadvantages of a shared apartment outweigh the disadvantages.

In principle, however, a shared apartment is almost always a good solution for starting your studies. And if it doesn't work out properly with the roommates, you can move out again very quickly. Often, however, the time in a shared apartment connects people over the years.

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