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Frosting: Everything You Need To Know

What ratio do I need for thin or thick frosting?

For normal frosting i use 4 tablespoons of water to 250 g of powdered sugar. The topping has the right consistency for cookies. Basically, I always buy one more pack of powdered sugar than I actually need. Because if the casting becomes too thin, I can thicken my casting later.

If you have a particularly thick cast you should only add the water to the powdered sugar, teaspoon at a time, and stir thoroughly before adding more liquid. For really thick frosting, I use 3 tablespoons of water for 250 g of powdered sugar.

Do you want one gossamer frosting, you should use 3 tablespoons of water for 125 g of powdered sugar. I love this super light topping on cakes, which are very sweet in themselves, but still need a nice finish. You can also brush Elisen Lebkuchen with this frosting or even soak your cake with this frosting: To do this, pierce the still warm cake several times with a wooden skewer and dip it into it.

Normal-thick frosting should still run off the whisk.

Should I glaze my cake with icing while it is still warm?

It depends on what result you want to achieve. If you have lemon frosting on for example to warm Lemon cake, it will be a bit soak into the dough and the cake tastes a little sweeter and more lemony. The pouring can be distributed better on the warm surface because the temperature makes it a little more fluid.

If you have a flawless, gleaming white frosting that sticks as thickly as possible to muffins and cookies, you should let your pastries cool down completely beforehand.

Lemon cake will be super juicy if you cover it with icing while it is still warm, which will then be absorbed into the cake.

Make more of your frosting! There is the perfect glaze for every baking project. I've also picked out different options for you to modify your frosting. Always mix the liquid components with your powdered sugar first before adding any other dry ingredients.

Think about what you want to use your frosting for beforehand. For example, egg white icing gets really hard and may therefore not be suitable for grandma's teeth. If you use it to decorate gingerbread hearts or houses that have been standing around for a while, the icing will be hard as stone. So if you want to eat gingerbread, either eat it fresh or use a regular icing instead of an egg white icing.

Classic frosting

4 tbsp water
250 g powdered sugar

Extra tip: If you have one super white frosting If you want to prepare, you can also replace water with milk.

Colored frosting

Colored icing is not only suitable for children's birthdays. You can even paint on cookies with colored icing and decorate them for Easter, Halloween or Christmas. Whether you use powder, paste, or liquid paint, always use a very small amount of paint first and keep white frosting back so you can mix the tone you want. I prefer food paste that I dose with a toothpick. The paste has the advantage of being able to blend well without watering down the casting.

4 tbsp water
250 g powdered sugar
Food coloring

Sugar icing with sugar substitute

Have you baked yourself a delicious low-carb cake and are still looking for the right frosting? You can use powder xucker for this, i.e. the Sugar substitute erythritol, use.

3 tablespoons water
100 g powder xucker

Notice: Powder xucker does not become as smooth as conventional cast. You need a little more liquid to get it nice and smooth.

Lemon glaze

Of course, there is only one thing that belongs on a lemon cake, cake or muffin: icing with lemon juice. If you like it super lemony, you can of course replace the entire liquid with lemon juice, but I prefer this light variant:

1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp water
250 g powdered sugar

Egg white glaze

gingerbread of any kind only holds together with egg white glaze. Especially with architectural challenges like one gingerbreadhouse it takes a strong glue that holds the heavy panels and cute embellishment in place. You can also use it to spray beautiful icicles on the roof. It is best to beat the powdered sugar and egg white with a mixer.

1 egg white
250 g powdered sugar

Egg white topping is particularly suitable for gingerbread houses and thick decorations.

Condé glaze

For Nut cakes, pies and muffins you should definitely try the Condé glaze. Basically, it is also a protein icing that is refined with ground almonds. To do this, beat the egg white and powdered sugar until everything is well combined and then stir in the almonds.

1 egg white
150 g powdered sugar
50 g ground almonds

Condé glaze consists of egg white glaze and finely ground almonds.

Winter frosting with spices and rum

Yay! Winter is here! The cold season is the high season for frosting. And the right time to experiment with it. This glaze tastes great nutty pastries and gingerbread.

3 teaspoons of rum or mulled wine
2 tbsp water
250 g powdered sugar
1 pinch of cinnamon
1 pinch of ground cloves / coriander

Eggnog frosting

How should one Eggnog Berliners otherwise coat? Eggnog frosting has a beautiful yellow color and has a very intense eggnog taste. Then a little liquid chocolate over the topping and the enjoyment is perfect.

250 g powdered sugar
50 ml egg liqueur
If necessary, dark chocolate to decorate

Spread the topping on the cookies

In America this technology is called "Floating icing ". It creates flawless glazed cookies. You can also add striped patterns or other shapes to the cookies. Mix the icing and pour it into a piping bag with a very small opening. Pull first the contour after your cookies and let them dry briefly. Now you can apply the rest of the icing with a teaspoon or a second piping bag with a larger opening without it running down the side.

Draw a sample into a casting

You can draw beautiful patterns in the casting, for example hearts. For this, the two different colored casts must both still be very moist, otherwise the cast will break. Carefully drip some pouring onto the other. Take a toothpick and drive once through the center of the drop and small hearts appear. You can also put lines on the cast and always pull the chopsticks in one direction through the cast, this is how you conjure up very filigree pattern.

If you a correct shape in the cast If you want to design, such as a striped biscuit or a flower, you should also use the "floating icing" technique and proceed in 2 steps: Design the contour and part of the pattern in one color, let it dry and then fill in with the second color.

Many beautiful patterns can be decorated with icing.

Apply sprinkles, flowers or nuts to the topping

If you just want to put a few decorative sprinkles or flowers on muffins or cakes, the best thing to do is to sprinkle them with your hand over the still moist icing. At colorful sugar sprinkles you should wait at least a moment. Because the moisture in the icing can dissolve the color of the sugar sprinkles and your flawless icing will be colored.

If you want to cover your baking work of art completely with topping, you can, for example, include muffins relatively thick cast spread and simply dip into your crumble with one swift movement. Immediately turn them right side up and let them dry.

No matter what happened to your icing, split it up first and try to save only half. So you can slowly approach the desired consistency and taste without putting all the frosting at risk. Because you used up powdered sugar faster than you can see.

The frosting is too thin

Only one thing helps: more powdered sugar! When you don't have that much left, you should put the powdered sugar in a new bowl and slowly add some icing until you get the consistency you want.

The frosting is too firm

Add more liquid teaspoon by spoon to your pouring, but be careful: it will liquid faster than you would like. So stir thoroughly after each teaspoon.

The frosting is too sour

Are you sure that the icing tastes too sour even with the biscuits? Sometimes both add up to a super delicious, lemony taste. If the icing is actually too sour, you should mix half of the icing with powdered sugar and water until the desired taste is achieved. If it turns out to be too sweet, you can add the remaining sour topping.

The frosting is too transparent

You can try simply adding a second layer of frosting, which you mix with less water. Also try mixing the frosting directly with milk. This is how the frosting becomes extra white.

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