What is a square triangle

Square triangle

The following article is a satirical article. It may be that it does not contain very serious statements. But it may also be that the article is trying to convey some deep message.

The square triangle is an endangered geometric shape.
Is teased by the other normal shapes (circle,, dragon, etc.). The triangle denies the affair with the square. Please never call the square triangle a square / triangle, then it is very offended. You don't say Merkel to your teacher just because she bears a striking resemblance to him.


  • Triangular square
  • Square circle
  • Nothing
  • Einck
  • Delta

Calculation of the area

Most people probably don't know the formula. It is the most important of all, and the square triangle is extremely offended if you do not know its area. First take the bisector of A (a), then that of B (b), C (c) and D (d). Then you look for the center of the square that is created, or simply the point where the square triangle crosses. The point is called Uschi, you just give it a U. So, now the easiest part, a very simple formula:

[math] \ textstyle \ left (a + \ frac {bc} {d} \ right) + U \ left (\ frac {A} {B} - \ frac {C} {D} \ right). [/ math ]

The result is then calculated divided by two and you already know how big a square triangle is! Namely (ideally): 42.