How do some people become toxic people

Stop it! Why some people are POISON to you & how you deal with them

Each of us has surely come across such a poisonous person at whom we bit our teeth. Complicated people who constantly have sensibilities and moods and let their surroundings suffer.

You are then the one who is allowed to jump to save the situation or the mood. You keep thinking that you are to blame for not getting along with this person. Because there are always misunderstandings, arguments and injuries. And you keep asking yourself: what did I do wrong?

Nobody will fundamentally change another person. Therefore, one should learn to deal with poisonous people in order not to be constantly offended. Here are some things toxic people do. Knowing them will help you stop being dragged down like this.

1. Your whims manipulate you

You never know which version of them you will run into today. Your whims are just unpredictable. Most of the time they seem cool and hurt and when you ask what happened, they say, "Nothing". The rest of the day you find excuses for everything they do because they are "in a bad mood, the poor".

Do you notice how the game works? By miming the suffering person, you inevitably slip into the role of the considerate person. Works great - only that you feel bad about it because you don't even know what's going on.

Therefore: Don't torment yourself with the thought that you might have hurt her. Ask her until you get a decent answer - after all, you can't look inside her head and don't have to guess anything. If you're not given a reason, stop treating the other like a raw egg. So you just torment yourself and in the end you feel bad yourself.

2. They suggest to you that you owe them something

Somehow you have the feeling that you are always the one who cares about the other. You never get anything back yourself? Then you see it correctly. Toxic people have the ability to suggest that you owe them something.

Sometimes they also explicitly ask for favors: "Could you maybe do X and Y for me? I'm so stressed ..." If you then explain that you are unfortunately also stressed, an offended: "Yes, okay . Unfortunately there is always something with you. "

Fact is: You don't owe anyone who just makes life difficult for yourself with their ego actions. You're happy to do a favor, but not if it's constantly being asked for. Don't let yourself feel guilty.

3. They always see the mistake with you

Toxic people don't even think in the slightest that YOU might be the problem. Rather, they think that YOU are the problem. They project their bad mood and anger onto you and seriously ask you: "Why are you so aggressive?" And you are in the process of justifying yourself for something that is not your problem at all.

Therefore: In emotional battles of words, pay attention to what it is actually about and who has a problem here - and who doesn't. Nobody has to justify something that actually caused the other.

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