How do I start an online sale

Starting the online shop: 7 successful tips

6. Marketing from the start

Marketing brings customers and that is what is usually still missing after setting up an online shop. Therefore: do marketing right from the start! Online marketing via social media is particularly useful for beginners. The fans who like your company page on Instagram or follow you on Twitter, for example, can become potential customers. From the acquired customers, in turn, by sharing your side, ambassadors of your company.

From a long-term perspective, however, search engine marketing (SEM), which includes both search engine advertising (SEA) and search engine optimization (SEO), is unavoidable. The aim of the SEM is to improve the visibility of the company in the search engine results list and thus to bring about a higher web presence, because if you cannot attract customers to your online shop despite an excellent website, this is probably because you have not found the right one Use keywords. These are the keywords or phrases that customers type in on search engines.

But how do you find the right and as unique as possible keywords?

As already mentioned, the focus is on the customer. So put yourself in the minds of those who are looking for what you offer in your online shop. Also determine the search volume of your keywords. Here is the Google Keyword Planner very useful if you want to get an overview of how often people googled your chosen keyword per month. To be as precise as possible, it makes sense to work with keywords that consist of several words.

First of all, this is for the banal reason that the competition is higher on more general terms. In addition, if a customer is lured to your page by a misleading keyword and immediately leaves it, Google evaluates this as a negative sign and will not display your page as high up in the results list if it occurs repeatedly.

According to Impulse, a magazine and network for entrepreneurs, a keyword is based on the following principles:

  1. The content of the website is described specifically and aptly.
  2. The same words that people use when looking for information are used.
  3. As many people as possible search for this term on the Internet.

Tracking emails as a marketing tool

But there is so much more to marketing! Don't forget: Before you order is after you order. This primarily relates to the notifications that inform your customers where the ordered package is currently. Use Track & Trace notifications as a marketing toolby personalizing them, adding your logo and thus strengthening customer loyalty. In this way, your logo will always be remembered by the customer. Package notifications themselves offer your customers full transparency and are essential for a positive customer experience.

The physical experience of unpacking the parcel is also an important aspect of the marketing value chain. Simply sending the goods in a brown package is wasted potential. The so-called Unboxing experience also strengthens customer loyalty. In the best case scenario, the customer will share their experience on a social platform and others (potential customers) can, for example, get their own picture of your creative packaging or innovative campaign. This is how you gain reach!