Japanese women like oral sex

Chastity: why do young Japanese no longer feel like having sex?

They just don't feel like it anymore, they suffer from the “chastity syndrome”, as Japanese statisticians have now diagnosed: Japanese people have less and less fun in sex. A study by the Japan Association for Sex Education revealed that 40 percent of female students are still virgins, and 35.1 percent of young men between 16 and 19 admit that they are “not interested in sex” or they even expressly reject it.

That is almost twice as many as in the last survey in 2008, at that time only 17.5 percent expressed their sexual disinterest. For more and more Japanese, the sex life is over, writes the British newspaper "Guardian" - and because the country already has one of the lowest birth rates in the world, the Japanese government now sees the sex fatigue of its citizens almost as a national catastrophe.

If it goes on like this, predict the statisticians in the "Guardian", the population in Japan will shrink in the next 50 years from the current 126 million by a third.

Male sex fatigue worries experts

In another poll from this year, one in three Japanese under 30 said they had never had a date in their life. And 45 percent of women and a quarter of men under 24 stated that they were not interested in sexual contact. Male sex fatigue worries Kunio Kitamura in particular: The family planning expert sees the lack of interest in women as so threatening that she has given abstinent men a special term: they are the “soshoku danshi”, the “herbivorous men”.

Why do the Japanese no longer value intimacy? A large part of the love affairs apparently only takes place virtually, writes the "Guardian" - as short, superficial friendships in various networks on the web. However, many Japanese apparently see no chance of reconciling sex and career. For women in particular, family and job are becoming less and less compatible. "Marriage is the woman's grave," says a Japanese proverb. It used to refer to women whose husbands had an affair. Today the saying is especially true among women who want to make a career.

Sex education? Grade 6

But there could be another reason for the supposed hostility to lust of the Japanese: In Japanese society it is considered taboo to talk about sex, most Japanese shy away from disclosing their intimate habits, which apparently even leads to biology teachers becoming uptight to teach sex education in school: In a recent survey by the Ministry of Health, 90 percent of Japanese students gave their sex education teachers a grade of 6.

Against this background, how reliable are the latest surveys? “What is certain is that nothing is certain. Not even that. ”The cabaret artist and writer Joachim Ringelnatz is said to have said this - and it is this sentence that serious sexologists around the world have made their motto. Because despite the education and the sexual revolution in western countries, human sexual behavior has by no means been reliably researched. The findings from the surveys are limited by a fundamental flaw: the numbers almost always relate to reports from respondents - it is difficult to say how much is being lied and possibly mercilessly understated.

How long, how often, where and with whom?