Which states allow anonymous lottery

The best way to anonymously win a lottery ticket [closed]

I'm sure you won't have this problem, just in case:

In several countries, the price can be claimed anonymously. It's unclear if the lottery company wouldn't know who you are, but it definitely means the public and press wouldn't know who you are.

In the other states, you could send an attorney with a power of attorney to do it for you, or set up a foundation to receive the money without your name publicly on it.
As a rule, however, you have signed your right to anonymity by purchasing a lottery ticket. They have agreed that if you win, the lottery company can use your picture, video and name for advertising and sometimes you even have to cooperate (i.e. show up, dress well and smile when they take the pictures / videos) or you just won't get the prize. You can read this in the fine print on their website; Each state is likely to be very different.

Though the lottery company may be you Not reports to the IRS, it will retain the highest possible tax rate on your winnings (and send them to the IRS).
If you never file again with the IRS after that, you've effectively overpaid the taxes so the IRS doesn't care who you are.

Perhaps the best approach is to put the circus on hold and then move to another state or country.

D Stanley

The IRS will definitely know exactly who you are and what you have won.