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Official notices: Waldstetten

Dear fellow citizens!
At the beginning of March last year, the corona virus reached the Ostalb district. Since then, the global pandemic has dominated our daily lives and imposed various restrictions on all of us. Throughout Germany, over 3.3 million people have now been infected with the SARS Cov-2 virus and the virus variants that have now emerged, over 82,000 of them died of or with Corona.

Infections are increasing more and more
We are currently experiencing the third wave of infections and the number of infections nationwide, but also here in the Ostalb district, are reaching new, sad record values. Almost 340 people have already died in the district in connection with the pandemic, we count more new infections every day, which means that our value for the 7-day incidence is now around 250 - and the trend is rising.

Clinics are running at full capacity
But we are not only concerned about the total number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days. With the steady increase in the number of infections, more and more people have to be admitted to the clinics and treated. As a result, the intensive care beds in our hospitals, the Ostalb clinics in Aalen, Ellwangen and Mutlangen, have been filled almost to the last seat since last weekend. Which in turn means that capacities for further emergencies - be it corona patients, seriously injured people in an accident or other emergency patients with heart attacks or strokes - are becoming scarce. For this reason, all operations that can be planned, such as hip or knee surgery, have to be postponed in the Ostalb Clinic.

It is imperative that new infections be reduced
Our public life - education, sport, culture, gastronomy, large parts of the retail trade - have now been reduced to almost zero due to the rapid increase in infections - and this has been for almost half a year!

Therefore, today we ask ALL TOGETHER on behalf of the Ostalb district, the Ostalb Clinics and all 42 cities and municipalities for your SOLIDARITY and your INSIGHT:

We have a COMMON GOAL, namely to significantly reduce our number of infections so that we can open our lives again as soon as possible in the private and public areas!

ANOTHER SO cannot and must not exist, because otherwise we will experience an even steeper increase in the number of infections, which in turn would result in further restrictions. This includes exit restrictions also during the day and continuous wearing of mouth and nose protection in public when leaving the house, which would only be permitted with valid reason.

Hence our urgent APPEAL TO YOU ALL:

• Minimize your contacts: 1 household may only meet 1 other person!
• Avoid meetings and excursions in groups or with two families or more!
• Keep a distance from other people - at least 1.5 meters - and observe the hygiene regulations!
• Wear FFP2 masks wherever possible where a mask is required and FFP2 masks are not required anyway!
• Stick to the exit restrictions!
• Take advantage of the voluntary and free test offers - whether in the companies or the citizens' tests, which everyone is entitled to once a week! In this way you can help track down infections that have not yet manifested themselves through symptoms and thus stop further spreading early!

Only if we all stick to the rules of the game together can we succeed in loosening the emergency brake step by step:

• In the case of a permanent 7-day incidence below 165, children and adolescents are allowed to go back to daycare centers and to face-to-face classes at schools.
• If the value is below 150, the other retailers can again offer Click & Meet with a daily quick test.
• And below 100, we would leave the regulations of the federal emergency brake behind us, which would otherwise be mandatory until the end of June!

We count on your support!
Let's not complain about the corona measures that limit us all in our everyday lives! Rather, let us stand together so that we do not undermine our most important means in the fight against Corona through negligent behavior: VACCINATION.

Already in June, i.e. in a month or so, there will probably be enough vaccine available so that the previous vaccination prioritization can drop and even more people can be vaccinated. If we now watch the increasing infections inactive, we favor the development and spread of further virus variants, against which the current vaccines may then be powerless. Let us decide this race in our favor!

We build on your acceptance and insight - but we have now strengthened controls across the board in the Ostalb district. The cities and municipalities check compliance with the quarantine for infected people and contact persons and sanction violations; youth meeting points, playgrounds and football fields or sports facilities and public spaces are also checked for compliance with the contact restrictions and minimum distances as well as the mask requirement. The police are also increasingly on the move, primarily to check compliance with the nocturnal exit restrictions.

Let's stand together to put an end to the pandemic soon!

Stay healthy!

Dr. Joachim Bläse Prof. Dr. Ulrich Solzbach
District Administrator of the Ostalbkreis, Chairman of the Ostalb Clinic

Thilo Rentschler Richard Arnold Michael Dambacher
Lord Mayor Lord Mayor Lord Mayor
the city of Aalen the city of Schwäbisch Gmünd the city of Ellwangen

Mayors of cities and municipalities
Markus Bareis, Frederick Brütting, Dr. Gunter Bühler, Nikolaus Ebert, Günter Ensle, Stephanie Eßwein, Willi Feige, Willibald Freihart, Marita Funk, Dieter Gerstlauer, Manfred Haase, Edwin Hahn, Christoph Hald, Sabine Heidrich, Wolfgang Hofer, Thomas Häfele, Stefan Jenninger, Armin Kiemel, Rainer Knecht , Markus Knoblauch, Christoph Konle, Thomas Kuhn, Jochen König, Peter Kühnl, Peter Lang, Ralf Leinberger, Ralf Leischner, Raimund Müller, Michael Rembold, Thomas Saur, Adrian Schlenker, Tobias Schneider, Andrea Schnele, Johannes Schurr, Jürgen Stempfle, Klemens Stöckle, Peter Traub, Walter Weber.