Why don't you breathe in cigars

Smoking a pipe or cigar without inhaling is also harmful to the lungs


Anyone who thinks that cigars and pipes are less harmful to health than cigarettes is wrong. Because every form of tobacco consumption damages the lungs, regardless of whether the smoke is inhaled or not. The pulmonologists of the German Society for Pneumology-Pneumology warn against this
Respiratory and pulmonary medicine (pulmonology) is a branch of internal medicine that deals with the prevention, detection and specialist treatment of diseases of the lungs, bronchi, mediastinum (middle skin) and pleura (pleura and lung).
and respiratory medicine (DGP) in Werne, citing the results of a current US study.

Smoking cigars or a pipe also leads to an accelerated decline in lung function
and doubles the risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD or chronic smoker's bronchitis) compared to non-smokers. The pulmonologists of the German Society for Pneumology and Respiratory Medicine (DGP) in Werne warn against this, citing the results of a current US study. "Even if the smoke from cigars and pipes is not inhaled, this type of tobacco consumption can also damage the lungs and is therefore a risk factor for COPD," explains Prof. Dieter Köhler from the scientific advisory board of the DGP and head of the Lung Clinic Kloster Grafschaft in the Sauerland region Schmallenberg. "The longer they smoke, the worse cigar and pipe smokers do in a lung function test. This was shown by a study of 3528 people aged 49 to 90 years at Columba University Medical Center in New York (see Annals of Internal Medicine 2010, volume 152, pages 102-110). It is well known that smoking cigars and pipes increases the risk of heart disease and tumor formation in the lungs, mouth, vocal cords and esophagus. "

Smoke is absorbed through the skin and mucous membranes

The results of the study are of particular importance as the number of cigar and pipe smokers has increased in recent years. "Apparently many think that smoking a pipe or cigars is less harmful to health than smoking cigarettes," emphasizes Köhler. “There is no doubt that inhaling cigarette smoke is actually even more harmful, but the consumption of tobacco generally appears to be harmful to the lungs, even if the smoke is not inhaled as strongly or not at all. Long-term cigar and pipe smokers experience earlier and greater losses in lung function than non-smokers. In addition, even if they do not inhale, cigar and pipe smokers still absorb the smoke through the mucous membranes and skin - this is shown by their increased cotinine-cotinine
  Cotinine is a breakdown product of nicotine.

Values ​​in the blood. Cotinine is a breakdown product of nicotine-nicotine
There are several reasons that the addiction-inducing substance in cigarettes is nicotine:
* Nicotine penetrates the central nervous system (CNS) and is psychoactive.
* The physiological effects of smoking and injected nicotine are identical.
* Nicotine works as a "positive amplifier". Humans (and animals too) add nicotine to themselves in experiments.
* It is easier to get rid of the addictive substance (tobacco abstinence) if nicotine is administered (substituted, i.e. replaced) with medication.
* Smokers tend to adapt their smoking behavior to the different nicotine contents of tobacco products
. In this respect, one should not assume that smoking cigars or pipes would be less addicting than cigarette smoking. And even if most pipe and cigar smokers smoke less in number than the average cigarette smoker, this does not change the fact that a pipe or cigar contains far more pollutants than a single filter cigarette, especially since they are filterless. The bottom line is that any form of tobacco consumption - whether with or without inhalation - is harmful to health. "