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Risks in social networks

Many people, especially young people, use social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The basic principle of social media is to present yourself more comprehensively than usual on the Internet and to communicate with many people quickly and easily.

However, some are not aware of the risks of the network and therefore the following text deals with the dangers in the social network.

An argument against social networks is that they are very easy to distract from an activity that you are currently doing, because nowadays everyone carries their cell phone with them and whenever you get a message from one of these social media sites either the device turns on or a tone is heard and you usually look at your mobile phone. Especially students who often have to do something on the computer or mobile phone, e.g. homework, are very quickly distracted.

Another danger on social media sites is unwanted contact, because it is much easier to pretend to be someone else on the Internet than in real life. A pedosexual can easily contact potential victims on the Internet and, even in the worst case, can sexually abuse them.

Furthermore, there is a risk of data misuse in the networks, since everything you put on the social pages will stay there, either because you can no longer delete it or it has been saved and forwarded by other users. You can see this mainly on Facebook, because there you can no longer delete an existing account and it will always be found on Facebook.

However, the risk of cyberbullying in social media is particularly important, as the Internet makes it much easier to insult or insult someone because, unlike in real life, you are anonymous there and you cannot get into any problems if you are caught. Especially in schools it often happens that embarrassing pictures or videos are put on social media without the permission of this person, which will then usually stay on the Internet forever, which will have consequences for this person in later life.

If you are aware of these risks and, in the best case, avoid them, social networks also offer many positive aspects that can make life easier, such as easy and quick contact with friends or the quick exchange of information.