What are the best chatbots in 2019

Overview: The best chatbots

How does a chatbot work? What is a messenger bot? What does a bot do? The best chatbots we have put together for you will answer these questions. The hype surrounding the chatbot has given way to reality. Companies pay close attention to the added value that the automation of dialogues, the core of every chatbot, brings. Companies such as Bayer, Nestlé, BMW or Migros use chatbots in three major areas: Marketing, Consulting, and HR / HR.

In general, the trend in the chatbot and messenger bot area is towards simple but effective chatbot solutions for customer communication instead of AI-supported chatbots, which most companies cannot afford anyway. Keywords are pre-qualification, first level support or handing over a customer request to a human colleague.

In a nutshell: the best chatbots

1. YourLife Chatbot from Bayer advises young people on sex and contraception

Goal of the chatbot: The YourLife Facebook Messenger chatbot from Bayer tries in a playful and personal way to bring the topics of sex, love and contraception to young people and to educate them about the dangers.

Subject area of ​​the virtual assistant: marketing

Description of the chatbot: Dina, the chatbot, guides you through the conversation and tells you about his experiences in matters of love and sex, but also asks you for them. Depending on which answer you give, the further dialogue with Dina develops.

Conclusion: Take a little time and talk to Dina. It's super easy and feels great!

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2. The Gamescom Gamesbot supports visitors before and during the fair

Goal of the chatbot: Gamescom's WhatsApp chatbot, the "Gamesbot", supports visitors to the world's largest gaming trade fair in preparing (description of how to get there, buying tickets, etc.) and provides them with important information on site.

Subject area of ​​the virtual assistant: consultation

Description of the chatbot: The WhatsApp bot "Gamesbot" first leads you to its menu, in which you can find out everything you need to know about your preparation and your stay at Gamescom if you type in the appropriate letter.

Conclusion: Clear and clear, no frills. The Gamesbot concentrates on the essentials and guides the Gamescom participant to the information that is relevant to him.

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3. Jonas, Vonovia's WhatsApp bot, offers support to tenants and apartment hunters

Goal of the chatbot: Jonas, the WhatsApp bot from the Vonovia housing company, first pre-qualifies your customer inquiry according to the topics of apartment or parking space search and tenancy. If you decide on the former, your expectations will be queried using search criteria and narrowed down more and more, for example by specifying the location, the search radius in km, the type of accommodation (apartment, house, etc.) and you will ultimately receive the latest offers to you.

Subject area of ​​the virtual assistant: consultation

Description of the chatbot: Potential tenants of parking spaces or apartments are guided through the dialogue on the basis of known criteria such as location etc. until Jonas delivers results for the corresponding search.

Conclusion: Simple but effective WhatsApp bot that helps interested parties and customers to search for an apartment or the like via messenger.

4. Nestlé's WhatsApp chatbot Healthier Kids advises parents on the nutrition of their children

Goal of the chatbot: Healthier Kids gives nutrition tips for children from parents for parents. The WhatsApp bot asks for the name of the mother or father, then the age of the child and the grade of the child (school or kindergarten). From this, suitable tips are put together for the parents.

Subject area of ​​the virtual assistant: marketing

Description of the chatbot: Parents receive tips for the optimal nutrition of their children via WhatsApp chatbot.

Conclusion: Low-threshold bot on WhatsApp that gives parents valuable nutrition tips for their children on the basis of a few queries. The exciting thing about this WhatsApp bot: it re-engages the user again and again within 24 hours, so that the bond with the users is maintained. This allows the chatbot to continue pushing relevant content to its users.

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5. The FollowNow chatbot from BMW offers customers a real-time service on the repair status of their car

BMW with #FollowNow chatbot

Goal of the chatbot: The FollowNow WhatsApp bot should help customers to find out about the repair status of their car at any time, regardless of email or phone. The FollowNow Bot relieves customer service in first level support, which gives it more time for more complex customer inquiries.

Subject area of ​​the virtual assistant: Customer service

Description of the chatbot: Follow Now via WhatsApp offers customers automated customer service that effectively informs them of the status of the repair of their cars.

Conclusion: Effective bot on WhatsApp, which, in addition to pre-qualifying the customer request, also includes scheduling. Exciting, because many customers use this option and forego calls, which greatly relieves customer service.

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6. The Women’s Best bot takes on the pre-qualification of customer inquiries

Goal of the chatbot: Women’s Best offers advice and customer service with WhatsApp or with Apple Business Chat. The bot pre-qualifies customer inquiries via Messenger by asking for the language, country, name and email address. Then he hands it over to a human colleague who processes and solves the customer request.

Subject area of ​​the virtual assistant: Customer service

Description of the chatbot: Automated pre-qualification that effectively complements human customer service.

Conclusion: The pre-qualification pays off: with the handover to the Women's Best Expert, she has long known who she is talking to.

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7. Arnie, Telekom's chatbot, complements the WhatsApp storytelling campaign with Ulmen & Yardim

Goal of the chatbot: Arnie, the WhatsApp chatbot, provides additional content as part of Telekom's storytelling campaign, such as additional spots with the two testimonials Christian Ulmen and Fahrid Yardim. The user can be present as an “eyewitness” in the conversations between the two protagonists, who talk about their advertising contracts in an entertaining way.

Type of virtual assistant: marketing

Description of the chatbot: If desired, offers additional content, such as spots, in addition to the daily conversations.

The campaign is over. But here are a few impressions of how it went.

Conclusion: This innovative way of storytelling WhatsApp worked really well. Engagement was four times higher than on Facebook and there were over 3,000 hours of interaction!