How are casino poker dealers paid

Croupier / croupière training salary

What does a croupière earn in training?

You will not receive a salary during your apprenticeship because you are not yet working in a casino, but are practicing first. After a few months and passing the final exam, you can finally let the chips and cards fly at night. “A piece for the employees” is a phrase that croupiers and croupières like to hear at the end of the game. They are paid almost exclusively with tips, so-called troncs, and this rate means that a player gives part of his winnings to the croupier. Tips are collected in most casinos and paid out to employees at the end of the month according to a points system. Of course, there is also a minimum salary that must not be undercut, the Troncs are then counted on it.

Since January 2015, a statutory minimum wage of 1470 euros gross has been stipulated, so as a full-time croupier you must not get less money under any circumstances. Of course, taxes and insurance will be deducted from your salary, so unfortunately you cannot keep the entire 1470 euros. By the way, you also have to pay tax on your tips because they are paid to you by the employer as additional wages.

In general, it is difficult to say how much you will earn as a croupier, as your salary always depends on the spending mood of your guests - similar to the catering industry. As a rule, however, a Tronc is given in the value of the stake in casinos with a high win. That can mean a hundred euros or more for you. However, nowadays the casino no longer only opens its doors to high society, but also to normal wage earners. If you don't have that much money in your account anyway, you often don't give anything to the croupier, but keep your winnings for yourself. With friendliness, a well-groomed appearance and professionalism, you can score points with your guests after your training and increase your chance of a few extra thalers.