How much does 18 karat gold cost

Current gold price 750 gold (18 carat)

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3. What is 750 gold worth?

For example, if you have a 750 gold chain and want to determine its value, you simply have to determine the weight in grams and multiply this by our gold price of 750 per gram in euros. You can see how much 1 gram of 750 gold is worth in the following price table:

This is how much 1 gram is worth 750 gold (Updated: 05/19/2021 4:40 PM)
750 gold€ 35.11 / g

4. What is 18 carat gold?

18 carat gold is 750 gold. You have to know that alloys made of gold and other precious metals are used in the jewelry industry. The purity of these alloys is given in carats or in 1/1000 parts. So 750 consists of 750 of 1000 parts of gold, which corresponds to 750, which in turn means that 75% gold is contained in the alloy.

18 carat gold = 750 gold = 75% gold content = 750/1000 = 750 parts gold for 1000 parts

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Anyone looking for a reliable gold purchase is also based on the existing experience reports and reviews on the Internet. There you can use the positive as well as negative reviews to assess whether or not you are dealing with a reputable dealer. An important point is that the advertised gold price 750 is paid out in full. Of course, this also applies to the gold price 585 and gold price 333. In the many years as traders we have been able to meet these demands and have received a large number of positive feedback on the Internet. Here are some examples:


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