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Define and measure KPIs with whiteways:

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) indicate the awareness and popularity of a website. Various criteria can be used to provide information about the aspects in which the page can still be improved in order to generate higher traffic.

whiteways is a dashboard that can be adapted to your personal needs. In this way, it enables strategic monitoring of the KPIs that are most important to you. This means that you always have an eye on the development of the individual indicators and can follow in real time whether the measures taken are achieving the desired effect.

OnPage and OffPage optimization

To build a successful website, both off-page and on-page optimization are highly relevant. OnPage describes the optimization of technical, content and structural aspects, such as the loading speed of the page, meta data and content. Off-page optimization, on the other hand, improves the reputation of a site. This increases due to a high number of backlinks from websites with a high trust value. It makes sense to carry out the OnPage optimization first and then the OffPage optimization.

Here, the on-page optimization is to be regarded as a necessary and the off-page optimization as a sufficient condition. Without OnPage optimization, it is hardly possible to fill a ranking position. If a good ranking is still not achieved even after the OnPage optimization, the website must inevitably be further improved via the OffPage optimization.

How-to: OnPage Optimization


The website should not have any technical errors and should be up to date. Use an up-to-date content management system (CMS) and adhere to the current programming standards. You should also pay attention to the correct ranking of the headings and create a sitemap that can be evaluated by search engine crawlers. Also keep an eye on technical developments!


With regard to the structure, a certain length of text should be adhered to. If your text is longer than that of the competition, this is an advantage, but you should nevertheless consider that each word has its price and that the text length should therefore be used as efficiently as possible. A clear structure with frequent mention of keywords also supports search engine optimization (SEO).


The content of your text should be specifically related to your industry or topic and have an objective and content-oriented style. After a keyword research, the relevant keywords can be included in the text in order to further optimize the website ranking. Effective search engine optimization (SEO) is hardly possible without keyword research, which is why you should proceed precisely. High traffic alone is not effective; care should be taken to reach the people who appear as potential customers. In order to attract the right target group for lead generation, it is advisable to use LongTail keywords. These are characterized by a subject-specific choice of words and can consist of countless sequences of words or individual words.

How-to: OffPage Optimization

Off-page optimization is primarily about increasing the reputation of a website through link building. Here, backlinks from other websites are placed on your own, which increases the link popularity. This is included in the ranking by search engines and plays an important role here.

A popular method is to set internal backlinks to individual pages within the website, which leads to a higher reputation of the linked page, as the trust value of the linked page is passed on to it.

When it comes to link building, it should be noted that pure quantity no longer leads to a good ranking, but must also be of a certain quality so that the links achieve a positive effect. On the one hand, backlinks can only be set on pages with a high trust value. On the other hand, suitable backlinks can be distributed in subject-specific forums for the industry. It is advisable to have been active in a forum for a long time so that the links are not identified as spam.

Another method for link building is to publish specialist articles in online magazines that have a link to your own website.

The last option to be mentioned here is piggyback SEO, which analyzes the pages on which the competition is placing backlinks in order to finally saddle up on these pages.

Beware of Black Hat SEO

Is Black Hat SEO Worth It?

A popular approach to link building is to use black hat SEO. These are deliberate violations of the Google guidelines, which should lead to a higher popularity of your own website. These techniques include, for example, negative link building for competitor websites, in which backlinks from domains with a low or negative trust value are placed on the competing site. As an affected company, these backlinks can be canceled with the disavow tool so that they do not have a negative impact on the ranking. Other methods of Black Hat SEO include link farming, hidden text and predominantly the spamming of backlinks. Black Hat SEO seems to have some advantages, for example in the B2C area with one-off deals, it can lead to higher profits, but Black Hat SEO is punished by search engines like Google. In the B2B area, Black Hat SEO should be avoided, as long-term business relationships are to be created here that cannot be built up through short-term high rankings.

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