What jobs can foreigners do in Taiwan?

Q1. Under what circumstances are foreigners allowed to visit Taiwan at present?

A: As of March 1, 2021, individuals can obtain a special entry permit by submitting relevant documents and forms to an R.O.C. Apply for a diplomatic mission if you wish to travel to Taiwan for reasons other than tourist and social purposes. However, the entry of foreign students is still subject to the regulations of the Ministry of Education. (Please note that currently only students who have enrolled in Taiwan on a degree program with a title degree and MOFA Taiwan Scholarship holders participating in the Mandarin Language Enrichment Program are allowed to enter the country.)


Q2. Currently, tourist entry into Taiwan, including social visits, is prohibited. What is meant by a social visit? Can you give an example?

A: Social visits are similar to tourist trips, including participating in social activities or private visits that do not have a valid cause for family reunification and visits that do not include a domestic contact point. To name a few examples: traveling to Taiwan to visit friends or to attend a wedding, sporting event, concert, performance or other cultural festival.


Q3. Are foreign nationals allowed to cite family visit as a purpose to enter Taiwan?

A: Yes. Foreigners are allowed to stay in Taiwan for a short time to visit relatives if they can prove the family ties by applying for a special entry permit through official documents. Foreigners who are allowed to enter Taiwan on the basis of a valid visa, a landing visa or visa-free must present the necessary documents for verification to the immigration officers who decide to enter Taiwan after their arrival in Taiwan.


Q4. Can foreigners and their companions apply for a special entry permit to use medical services in Taiwan?

A: Yes. If this has been approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs (MOHW), foreigners who want to use medical services and their accompanying persons can obtain the letter of approval issued by MOHW and other relevant documents at the R.O.C. Submit a diplomatic mission to apply for a special entry permit.


Q5. When will Taiwan allow foreigners to come to Taiwan to study or learn Chinese?

A: The Ministry of Education will separately announce its decision on foreign nationals wishing to study / learn Chinese in Taiwan. Currently, foreigners who want to study / learn Chinese in Taiwan are not allowed to enter. Until further notice, only students who have been admitted to study with an academic degree are allowed to enter Taiwan. MOFA Taiwan Scholarship holders are also allowed to enter the Mandarin Language Enrichment Program.


Q6. When will Taiwan allow foreigners to enter for tourism and social visits?

A: The entry requirements for foreigners are continuously updated by the Taiwan Center for Disease Control in line with the global pandemic.

Q7. Are foreigners who were allowed to visit Taiwan without a visa or with a landing visa before the Covid-19 pandemic, are still allowed to enter Taiwan without a visa or with a landing visa, provided that the visit is not a tourist trip or a social one Visits are planned? Or do you have to apply for a special entry permit?

  1. Current entry control measures in Taiwan are based on the purpose of the visit and do not replace the original visa privileges. Nonetheless, whether travelers will be able to visit Taiwan without a visa or with a landing visa during the pandemic will depend on boarding regulations and airline policies. In addition, upon arrival at the airport, travelers are required to provide the immigration officer with the necessary documents for review in order to allow them to decide whether to enter Taiwan.
  2. If travelers are unable to assess whether their documents are complete or whether they meet the requirements of the entry controls, it is recommended to obtain a special entry permit from an R.O.C. before traveling to Taiwan. To apply for a diplomatic mission abroad.


Q8. Are citizens of Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos Taiwan allowed after receiving an R.O.C. Visit the travel certificate (conditional visa waiver) from the website of the National Immigration Service?

A: Not at the moment. The R.O.C. The purpose of the travel certificate is to make it easier for nationals of these Southeast Asian countries to apply for tourist entry. It does not meet the requirements of a special entry permit. For this reason, nationals of these countries are not allowed to use the R.O.C. Make travel certificate.


Q9. How do entrants visiting Taiwan for short-term commercial purposes apply for a reduced quarantine period?

A: Those visiting Taiwan for short-term commercial purposes who meet certain criteria should submit relevant documents, such as a company invitation letter, itinerary, and pandemic prevention plan, when they are with the R.O.C. Apply for a special entry permit abroad. In addition, both before boarding and upon arrival in Taiwan, travelers must present a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test issued within three working days prior to the departure time of their flight. For more details, please visit the Taiwan Center for Disease Control website: Link