I am fat and ugly

Help! Everyone thinks I'm ugly and fat

I've been feeling very uncomfortable in my body lately and want to cut myself, but I have too much respect for hurting myself. The background is my overweight, which I cannot get rid of. I only eat lunch and dinner with my parents and nothing else and do sports, but my stomach is not getting any smaller. But I am constantly told that I'm fat ... By a friend who would like to put me on FdH, by my aunts and cousins ​​and then by the people in the swimming pool ... I actually didn't want to go with them, but my BFF persuaded me. When I wanted to get her a portion of french fries, a gentleman told me that if you were fat like me, you shouldn't eat french fries. I was so ashamed that the fries weren't even for me. But it went even further when we went to the water, a boy pointed to me and said that if I jump into the water, half the pool would be empty. I could have howled. I swam anyway, and after I left my girlfriend behind, I felt a little better again. Even so, now I'm sitting here crying because I feel so ugly and fat. My BFF says I'm not fat, at most chubby, and I love her for that. But I'm fat, 168 cm tall and 80 kg heavy, that's way too much and losing weight doesn't work. I don't want to be fat and feel completely normal for once, a girl like everyone else. Do you have any tips?
Thank you very much for reading this at all and best regards from Larissa /

Gabi's answer

Dear Larissa,

It's great that you have such a good friend who builds you up and gives you confidence. It's great that you are such a great swimmer! I wish you more of such successful experiences, they strengthen you! And I wish you can close your ears when aunts, cousins, strangers talk about your weight. They should be ashamed, and everyone should be. You may have a few pounds too much on your ribs. But does that make you stand out as a person? Are you more valuable as a person than lightweight? Certainly the worth of a person is not measured by his figure, but by his being, his character. And I'm sure you're hard okay on this point!

You know, no girl feels okay in development, every girl has to learn to make friends with herself, her figure, her thoughts, and wishes. It's not an easy way. Exchange ideas with your girlfriend, talk about God and the world - just not about losing weight. And believe me, if your mother cooks healthy, with lots of vegetables and fruits, you will also lose a little weight.

Love to you from the bottom of my heart