What's the strongest cigarette out there

Goodbye peer pressure: 10 sentences with which you can calmly refuse a cigarette

You are in the pub, someone pulls out the pack of cigarettes. He offers everyone one, the others take it. You do not want to. But what do you say without looking uncool? Here are a few ideas for answers.

Refuse a cigarette - that's a cool way to say "No"

1. "I don't feel like lung cancer." If someone asks: 90 percent of all lung cancer patients are smokers.

2. "Smokers only smoke." With this you express: You have enough self-control to protect yourself from addiction.

3. "My mom doesn't like that." Add to that a stupid grin and the irony is perfect. The opposite is just an ironically meant "ohh, mummy child" and the situation is cleared up.

4. "I'm too young for wrinkles." If you look critically, you can explain that smoking causes skin to age. And turns your fingers yellow. And the teeth ... oh, there we are with the next saying.

5. "Thank you, I like my teeth white." Because smoking first makes the teeth yellow, then blotchy and then they fall out (periodontitis sends its regards).

6. "I can't afford bad breath." Because you need fresh breath for the rest of the evening. Smokers don't have that - because cigarettes dry out their mouths, germs and food scraps get stuck and it already smells unpleasant.

7. "This is boomer rubbish!" Because seriously: Smoking is only done by people over 50 - that is, from the generation of baby boomers. The saying also works in a very classic way: "Okay, boomer."

8. "Do I look like I don't care about the environment ?!" Then you have to explain the connection with certainty: Cigarettes damage the environment because the plastic butt ends are hardly degradable and contribute to plastic and microplastic pollution. In addition, the remaining nicotine pollutes water.

9. "Better to depend than depend." Cigarettes are addicting. You are aware of the problem enough not to start.

10. "No, thanks." You have enough confidence. You don't have to justify why you don't want a cigarette.