Why is contemporary art so degenerate

"Degenerate art"

In fact, the Nazi regime itself did not expect such an enormous number of visitors for the exhibition "Degenerate Art". More than three million people saw this slanderous propaganda show.

The exhibition opened in Munich in 1937 and was shown in several large German cities over the next three years. It comprised more than 650 paintings, sculptures and graphics by the most important German artists of classical modernism.

The staging of the exhibition "Degenerate Art" reveals the whole philistinism of the National Socialists. It reveals a deep fear and hatred of every form of individualism and joie de vivre.

The concept was simple and effective: the "Great German Art Exhibition" opened at the same time as the "Degenerate Art" exhibition. This accumulation of unspeakable Nazi kitsch was touted to the public as "German art of stable racial value".

"People comrade form your own judgment," was the motto. Here the "sick" art of the "system time", by which one meant the Weimar Republic, there the "healthy" German art of the Third Reich.

One spoke of the "healthy popular feeling" and hit the center of the German philistine soul. "Cabinets of horrors" and "chambers of horrors" were set up to stimulate the public's thirst for spectacle and sensation.

Adolescents were generally forbidden to visit the "Degenerate Art" exhibition, for example in Karlsruhe with reference to the establishment of an "erotic cabinet" with "obscene drawings".

Everything that existed in modern art in Germany before 1933 was vehemently rejected, censored or destroyed by the National Socialists.

Whether abstract or figurative, the beautiful landscapes and portraits of August Mackes, the expressionist paintings by the popular artist group "Die Brücke"; whether Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Emil Nolde and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, whether the biting social criticism of Max Beckmann, Otto Dix or George Grosz: they were all defamed in the same way.

"Let one speak more quietly, there is a dying man in the room. The dying German culture, it no longer has catacombs in the interior of Germany. Only chambers of horror, in which it is to be exposed to the mockery of the mob; a concentration camp with visitors. That becomes great and always great. "

The German philosopher Ernst Bloch, who fled the Nazis to the USA, commented on the opening of the exhibition "Degenerate Art" in Munich with these dark and bitter words.