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Earning money with DigiStore24 - can you earn money as an affiliate with it?

Digistore24 is a popular online platform where, as an affiliate, you can find many exciting products with which you can earn good money.

In the following you will find out what exactly it is, how Digistore24 works, how you can earn money with it, which products you can find there and whether the platform is really reputable.

I also describe what experience I was able to gain with Digistore24 and what I earn with it.

What is DigiStore24?

In addition to the classic affiliate networks and individual partner programs such as Amazon's, another interesting platform has established itself in recent years. We are talking about DigiStore24.

DigiStore24 is a sales platform for digital products. For this reason, a large number of eBook authors, plug-in developers, video seminar providers and so on have now discovered DigiStore24 for themselves and offer their products through it. There are also many payment options that providers of digital products can use relatively cheaply.

For affiliates it is of course particularly interesting that each of these providers can easily set up a partner program for their products at Digistore24. There is a large marketplace with more than 8,000 products. So there is a wide range of interesting digital products.

I also use Digistore24 as an author and successfully sell an eBook there.

Earn money with Digistore24

Of course, as with affiliate marketing in general, that depends on how much reach you have (e.g. how many visitors your website has) and how intensively you work on it.

It is not done with installing an affiliate link from Digistore24 here or there, but you have to test a lot, optimize and of course expand your own reach. The more visitors you have who see the affiliate link, the more people will click on it on average and the more people will tend to buy something.

In addition to the quantity, the quality is also important, because if you attract the right visitors to your own website (who are already interested in buying or have a strong need), you will also be able to ensure more affiliate link clicks and more sales.

There are affiliates who earn six-figure sums with Digistore24. I didn't earn that much with it, but five-digit income is what I've earned as an affiliate there so far.

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How does Digistore24 work?

Basically, Digistore24 works like normal affiliate marketing. As an affiliate, you advertise a product by adding a corresponding affiliate link.

If a visitor to your own website (or newsletter, YouTube channel, social media profile ...) clicks on this affiliate link, they will be taken to the sales page of the product at Digistore24. If this person then buys the digital product, you as an affiliate receive a commission, which, depending on the product, is usually between 20 and 50%.

What does Digistore24 cost and is it serious?

Digistore24 costs nothing for affiliates. You simply register there for free and you can then choose products from the marketplace that you would like to advertise.

Digistore24 is definitely serious, because the provider has been around since 2012 and is based in Germany. The support is good and the payouts are reliable.

In contrast to normal affiliate networks, where the actual product sale takes place in the shop of the partner program operator and the network also has to trust the information provided by the shop, the digital products are sold at Digistore24 itself. This means that Digistore24 knows and bills every sale. This is much more transparent than some affiliate networks.

Do I have to register a business as an affiliate?

As with almost all partner programs, Digistore24 can only pay out to companies and not to private individuals. That's why you have to register a business as an affiliate.

But that is quite easy to do at the local regulatory office. Then you get a tax number from the tax office and, if desired, a sales tax ID, which you have to give to Digistore24. More info.

WordPress plugin and mobile app

DigiStore24 offers, among other things, a WordPress plugin, which enables dynamic links and advertising material to be integrated into your own WordPress affiliate website. However, this must at least be pointed out in the data protection declaration. The e -recht24 service, for example, offers something about this in its data protection declaration generator *.

There is also an app from Digistore24, which is available for both iOS and Android. As an affiliate, you always have an overview of your own statistics on the go.

Advantages and disadvantages of Digistore24

The advantages of DigiStore24 include the following things:

  • The common platform is an advantage. As an affiliate, you only have to register once and you can then advertise thousands of products and earn money with them.
  • Payouts are made relatively frequently, up to four times a month. However, the payout limit is 50 euros for the first payment in the month and 200 euros for each subsequent payment in the same month. Not everyone can do this on a regular basis.
  • There are high percentage commissions for many digital products. Far higher than with physical products. It is up to 70% for many products.
  • In addition to one-time sales, there are many subscription products that give you recurring income.
  • In contrast to normal affiliate networks, the digital product is also sold directly on Digistore24, so that every sale is really counted and you receive all the commissions that you generate.
  • The integration into other tools, such as KlickTipp, AWeber or Zappiet, allows automation and a further increase in reach.
  • You get detailed statistics and evaluations that help to increase your income.
  • There are many advertising materials for the various products, such as banners, text links, e-mail templates and more.
  • Digistore24 comes from Germany and was founded in 2012 so that high standards of data protection (GDPR), security and reliability are offered.

In my many years of experience, there are hardly any disadvantages. Of course, you should look carefully, because I don't consider every product that can be found on Digistore24 to be serious. But a large part can be advertised as an affiliate without hesitation.

Some dynamic advertising media require the prior consent of the visitors because they set cookies. This can be solved very easily, for example, with the Pixel Mate plugin for WordPress * or you can just use normal affiliate text links and completely dispense with cookies on your own affiliate website.

In my opinion, the bottom line is that the advantages clearly outweigh the advantages.

Which products are there on Digistore24?

But even if the selection with more than 5,000 providers (and over 8,000 products) is quite large, you have to check carefully which products are really suitable for your own blog, your own affiliate website or your own newsletter.

To do this, go to the Digistore24 marketplace and either use the search mask there or browse through the thematic categories. There are mainly digital products, but also events, seminars and services.

If you have found interesting providers, you should not only look at the amount of the commission, but also consider the conversion rate and the cancellation rate. If, for example, there are a lot of cancellations, then a high commission does not bring that much.

You should also have a look at the sales page and the affiliate support page. If these are well done and if, for example, a lot of advertising material is offered, this is a good sign.

If you have found interesting, suitable and well-made offers, you can advertise them.

Quality of products

Unfortunately, it cannot be overlooked that there is also garbage to be found among the many digital products on DigiStore24. Unfortunately, dubious products or completely overpriced courses with empty promises can also be found here. A real content-related quality control does not seem to take place.

Therefore you should think carefully about what you want to advertise on your own website. Not only the money (or the commission) counts, but also the trust of your own readers. If you advertise every crap, it will pay off in the medium to long term.

That is why I only advertise Digistore24 products on my website that I know myself and can recommend.

My experience with Digistore24

I have been using Digistore24 for many years now and in the beginning I only did it as a seller. I have now earned more than 100,000 euros there with my eBook and over time I have also started promoting one or the other Digistore product as an affiliate.

As mentioned above, I have earned up to five-digit income as an affiliate, which is good, but if you consider that I have only advertised a few products so far and could be much more active there, that shows the potential for making money Digistore24 has.

But of course I also noticed how important it is to really close products recommend and not easy to apply. Hardly anyone buys an eBook, for example, because I add a few affiliate links.

But when I present the eBook, describe my opinion on it and show how I have used what I have learned from it in practice, then there is trust in the eBook and many visitors order it (and I receive commissions).

Introducing, reviewing, recommending, comparing, showing examples and so on are important in order to be successful with Digistore24 and to earn money. If you approach it that way, then this platform offers a lot of potential for affiliates.

Alternatives to Digistore24

With platforms like elopage * or CopeCart * there are a few alternatives to Digistore24 that you should definitely take a look at. There are also many digital products there, and mostly there are different ones.

In this way you can find even more suitable products for your own affiliate website and there is nothing wrong with using more of these platforms.

Can you earn money as an affiliate with Digistore24?

DigiStore24 is an interesting platform for all affiliates who want to advertise digital products. Since this is a German platform, you get decent credits and are legally on the safe side.

Have you already had experience with DigiStore24?

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