How do I block a lost phone?

Block the SIM card - this is how it works quickly and easily

If you have lost your mobile phone or it has been stolen, you should have your SIM card blocked immediately. In this way you prevent further costs in addition to the loss of the device.

Only when your SIM card is blocked is it ensured that no unwanted calls are made or SMS with your number are sent. So that you don't have to search long in the worst case, we show you here how to deactivate your SIM card at o2, Telekom and Co.

Block the SIM card at Telekom, o2, Vodafone and more

The quickest way to block your SIM card is directly through the customer service of your mobile phone provider. Note that this is the provider and not the network operator. For example, if you are on the o2 network with a mobile phone contract with, customer service is responsible for your SIM card. If you have an online account for your mobile phone contract, simply log into your account. As a rule, you will find a SIM card manager here with the corresponding option for blocking. Alternatively, you can call the relevant hotline. This is how it works with the well-known providers:


  1. Log into your Meino2 account.
  2. Control the section Tariff & SIM card at.
  3. Choose here Manage SIM card.
  4. Press the option Lock SIM card.
  5. In the same step, you order a new SIM card so that you can make calls and surf the net again soon.
  6. Without online access, you can block the o2 SIM card on the hotline number 0176 888 55 222 (contract) or 0176 888 55 282 (prepaid).


  1. Log in to the customer center.
  2. Open the overview for your mobile phone contract.
  3. Scroll down to the section My SIM cards.
  4. You can find the option here Settings.
  5. Choose Block contract and replace SIM cardto block the lost SIM and get a new card.
  6. Without logging in, you can use the Telekom hotline 0800 330 220 2.


  1. Log into MeinVodafone.
  2. In MeinVodafone, select the section Participant & phone number.
  3. Select SIM card in the overview for the phone number concerned.
  4. Here, too, the SIM card can be blocked in one go and reordered at the same time.
  5. You can block the SIM by phone on 0800 172 1212.

If you have a shop for your mobile operator nearby, the SIM can also be blocked there. In this case, you need to be able to use personal data such as a customer password to prove that the SIM card belongs to you.

Other providers

  • Congstar: Online at MeinCongstar | By phone: 0221 79 700 700
  • ALDI Talk: Online | Telephone: 0177 177 1157
  • Drillisch (PremiumSIM. DeutschlandSIM, winSIM, discoTEL, simply and more): In the personal service world | Phone: 06181 7074044
  • Mobilcom-debitel: Online | Telephone: 040 5555 41 200
  • Otelo: Online under My Otelo | Telephone 01806 12 43 33
  • 1 & 1: Online in the Control Center | Phone: 0721 9600
  • Online | Telephone: 0177 177 1160

Note that the SIM card lock is usually chargeable. The amount of the fee depends on your contract and is between 5 and 15 euros plus additional costs for providing a new SIM card.

Block the SIM card via the blocking hotline

If you would like to block your SIM card by telephone, alternatively contact the blocking hotline on service number 116 116.

The prerequisite, however, is that the provider also participates in the blocking hotline. On the overview page you can find out whether you will receive further help here. The emergency lock call can be reached 24 hours a day. You will be forwarded to your mobile operator via the hotline. The SIM card can also be reported here if a cell phone is lost abroad. Simply dial the country code 0049 in front of the service number. For identification, you should have your telephone number, SIM card number and a customer password or other data that can be used to draw conclusions about your SIM card ready.

Once you have found your cell phone, the SIM card can usually be unlocked again by the provider. Elsewhere, we give you tips on how to locate a lost cell phone. We'll also tell you what to do when you've found a smartphone.