Why don't you have any money

8 reasons why you have no money or can save money

When it comes to saving money (or even just about not being chronically broke), I know every excuse, every "emergency" and every reason put forward by myself. 8 of the most common excuses and how you can get them out of the way I collected for you today.

I believe that the first step on the way out of "chronically broke" and to saving money or more is to realize where you are stuck.

If you don't know what the problem is, it will be difficult to initiate positive change.

I know from experience that your own financial situation only gets easier and better if you are clear about what you keep stumbling over and where the small and large leaks in the budget are.

Yes, life costs money, but I believe that learning to save and improving your own financial situation can help many people to realize their wishes and dreams.

8 reasons why you are chronically broke or cannot save money

You like to treat yourself to something

“Gönn Dir” is probably one of the most popular pronunciations of the year.

When I was left with a bunch of credit card debt in 2011, I noticed that I was always indulging in something. Gladly even without a reason, because I “deserved” it. Even people around me tried to incite me into reward purchases. “You rarely go out, you don't smoke, you don't drink. Treat yourself to that. "

Uh, please? I have no idea how many hundreds of euros I spent to treat myself to something.

Many and every one of them was wasted on stuff that I didn't need and ultimately either thrown away, sold or only kept because I had really indulged myself in it.

Don't fall into this trap:

  • Take a deep breath before impulse purchases and reward shopping.
  • Make a list of things that you can also reward yourself with for free.
  • Wait 30 days to shop and see if you still want it.
  • Find activities other than shopping.

You think debt is normal

Many of us grew up with a generation of parents who could buy practically anything on credit and who made good use of it.

And unfortunately we did that too. More and more young adults are slipping into spiraling debt. Debt collection increases in a short time immeasurably, several cell phone contracts, the latest iPhone, a membership in the gym, a financed car, a few missed payments and you have the salad.

I can only warmly recommend it to you: Make a decision right now not to go into any new debts.

Put an end to your life on credit and start paying off your outstanding debts.

You are paying too much for your smartphone

I used to have a cell phone contract like everyone else normal other people too. Prepaid was something for failures, so cumbersome and generally - at least that's what I thought, arrogant as I was.

Well, I've had a CallYa prepaid card from Vodafone for over 3 years. Instead of charging over € 50 beforehand, I top up € 15 per month and pay € 9.99 for my tariff.

I didn't finance my iPhone 6 plus, but bought it used in top condition on rebuy - for a fraction of the original price.

You're not on a budget

Since we decided to pursue Dave Ramsey’s baby steps, we’ve been looking more seriously at our monthly budget again - luckily!

Because if you don't tell your money where to go, at the end of the month you'll be wondering where it has gone.

A good, realistic budget will help you to have a better grip on your finances. You have different apps to choose from (I'm currently using “My Budgets”, it's not perfect, but it works), you can use an Excel spreadsheet, a budget book, or just a piece of paper.

The main thing is that you create one at all, or you. Because a budget is a team thing!

You are an expert at finding excuses for why you have no money

We've all been to the point where we've been throwing excuses. And some people keep going until they understand that their excuses were just that: EXCUSE!

Just think about the last time you said: "Well, I can't do that because {insert any excuse here}."

As a finance blogger and enthusiast, I hear that again and again (also on topics other than money, by the way). And sometimes I hear the words themselves come out of my mouth. Until then I ask myself: Yes, why not? And: what's behind it?

The problem is, making up excuses is a bad habit when it comes to money (and life in general). It holds you back and prevents you from using your money as you imagine. Because there is always a catch somewhere as to why this and that doesn't work that way.

And if I have learned one thing in the last few years: everything is not possible, but much more is possible than you think.

You think small sums don't make a difference

Imagine you put away € 100 every month. Or € 1 in week 1, 2 in week 2 and finally 52 in week 52.

Doesn't do any good, do you think?

With model 1 you have 1200 € aside after one year, with model 2 you have a total of 1378 €.

I recently started my Christmas gift fund and I'm putting all of the € 1 coins into it. I now have € 10 in my glass. There are still 28 weeks until Christmas, at an average of € 8 per week (realistic, because I pay everything in cash), a total of around € 234.

Every little bit counts! No matter how small the savings rate is, whether you start with € 5 per week or € 50 per month. The main thing is that you start saving!

You just don't make enough money!

Another common excuse is that you don't make enough money to avoid going broke or putting money aside.

There are definitely those cases where the expenses are higher than the income and then you are not making enough money.

As simple as that.

And you have two options: either you cut your expenses or you increase your income. You will not be able to save money if you spend more than you take in. I know this is easier said than done, but something is going to have to change if you want to improve your financial situation.

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