How has Thailand's junta influenced tourism

Bangkok: Tourism Minister presents four-point plan to improve tourism

And as far as retirees abroad are concerned, Thailand almost doesn't appear and as you falsely claimed, the cold countries like Switzerland and Austria seem to be more popular than Thailand. I wonder why? : text = Around% 2014% 20percent% 20of the% 20 foreign pensions, and% 20den% 20USA% 20 (23,000


It's amazing that only 250,000 German Moving retirees abroad.

Mainly in German-speaking (Malle and La Palma can be added).

Years ago I heard at the German embassy that they were living in TH

legal 65,000 Germans. I don't know how many pensioners ......

I decided to retire 30 years ago

to squander in Thailand.

Despite the negative experiences in recent years, I have not regretted it.

But this is not due to Thailand and certainly not to the government

or the authorities.

It is primarily thanks to my Thai wife, our two foster daughters

and the new friends I made here.

It is also thanks to many simple Thai that my life is more worth living

have made. Also some civil servants or state employees.

Thailand tempts you to get a job or business here,

because it's so easy.

I deliberately did not do this. Not just because of my retirement visa

I didn't want any trouble and I'm not that good at cheating.

I still "worked" ... As a math teacher in a tutorial

our neighbor and after her bankruptcy as a marketing case study assistant professor

at a private business university not far from us.

I did this out of boredom, not to earn money.

Although the private university paid me more than its full professors.

I have had bad experiences in both cases for different reasons


In the tutorial with the rich Thai parents!

A Sino Thai mother asked me why she paid so much money to the tutorial company

should pay with no guarantee for a good censorship of her son.

When they give their son's math teacher the money as a bribe

would, the good censorship would be guaranteed.

I replied: But your son couldn't do math!

Then she: Who cares?

At the private university they tried to blackmail me first

to continue the successful case studies

and when I tried performance criteria in the evaluation

of the students who are not introduced by the dean's office

I was quickly kicked out

before I could wreak havoc.

My friends' experiences with the supposedly best (state)

Universities of Thailand confirm my assumptions.

I see . Much earlier my Thai wife was blackmailed

because they thought I would work in their small company.

No, not from evil criminals from abroad

but by a Thai official.

All this and the experiences of our South African friends

with their production company in Thailand convinced me

not doing business here.

Maybe you can now understand why I have a feeling

discontinued what STIN wrongly calls Thailand hatred.

No, I don't hate Thailand at all, just some developments

which have never been cleaned up and therefore the real face

Influence Thailand and always from the local rulers

should be masked.

No, the reasons why Thailand is no longer a country for me

are very simple and obvious:

1. The legal uncertainty for foreigners living in TH on a visa

You never know what the next chicane will be

will perform and we have no support at all

through our messages here.

When I made my first retirement visa in TH 15 years ago,

I was told on the 2nd floor of the Immi in Soi Suan Phlu

I would get resident status after 9 years at the latest

and no longer have to do a one-year visa.

Puff cake! After 15 years I will join the Klingons

still referred to as an alien and on my soon expulsion


Then why did I buy a condo here?

Total misjudgment!

No, in my defense, I bought in 2010. Then ruled

Abhisit and Thailand was still a serious country.

The second reason why I want to get out of here is just as serious:

This miserable environmental destruction and air pollution

soon no longer with FFP-2 mask but only

can be endured with a proper gas mask.

And a regime which nothing at all apart from stupid stunts

does to change this.

Because environmental protection costs money, road safety costs money,

Police cost money.

Therefore none of this exists in TH.

You can use the money for more useful things like submarines

or give out other Krig toys.

Or for Somchai's trip to the moon.

One more thing: A popular accusation of the noble thai against the stinking farang

is always that we don't respect their culture and not their face


Well, culture is when you laugh anyway and you have to have a face first

have (that is, work for yourself) in order to be able to lose it.

In addition, they are surprisingly quick over everything

if there is the only cultural asset that really counts in Thailand,

namely the money.

So in 35 years I have probably been to a wat more often

than most Thai and I used to be fond of the content

this wats spoken. My Thai wife is a "normal" Buddhist

and tries to live by its rules.

She only goes in selected wats and only lets selected monks

come to the tambun.

And one more thing about the respect that is always demanded from us.

I treat everyone with the respect they deserve

and which he brings to me.

Many Thai men do not have the mental maturity

of a 13-year-old also show this clearly

and then I will treat them the same way.

Then there is something else that I am already infected with in Germany.

I judge people according to their personality, their performance

and their socializability.

Neither by their title nor by their rank.

I have not served my country

(but I have more than any BW soldier, in the THW up to the age of 36)

I am still from Adelshausen.

I would be embarrassed (except with girls) if someone were to me

for something different than for my performance, my personality

or would respect my socializability.