How much do puppy vaccinations cost

Vaccination in dogs: what are the costs?

In the vernacular, the dog is considered to be man's best animal friend and a beloved member of the family. He showered his owners with loyalty, intelligence and passion. Now it is in the care of the dog owner to protect his four-legged companion from dangerous dog diseases with a vaccination. Depending on the disease that the vet is vaccinating against, the costs vary.

What are the reasons for vaccinating a dog?

Vaccinations are a tried and tested means to protect your own dog as well as other animals serious to to optimally protect fatal dog diseases. Admittedly, not all vaccinations are useful. Still, it is recommended at least that Compulsory vaccinations to realize. These not only protect the dog, but also reduce the spread of dangerous diseases.

What are the costs of a vaccination for the dog?

The cost of vaccinating a dog results from the Fee schedule for veterinarians (GOT). Depending on the veterinary practice, vaccination and calculated fee rate, the costs different levels fail.

In the GOT there is just the cost of that Give the vaccine documented. In addition to each vaccination belongs at least a general examination of the animalthat must be carried out and accounted for. Add to this the cost of the vaccine.

Depending on which disease the dog is vaccinated against, different prices apply. The Rabies vaccination costs for example amount to about 30 euro.

Combination vaccinations are usually carried out, in which the dog is vaccinated against several diseases at the same time. At a Combined vaccination against for example distemper, parvovirus, HCC, rabies, leptospirosis and kennel cough is with approximately 60 to 70 euros to be expected.

If you want to save the costs and have regular vaccinations, you should get a dog health insurance with full protection. Depending on the insurer, this covers the cost of vaccinations.

How often does a dog have to be vaccinated against distemper, parvovirus, etc.?

Many vaccinations last for several years - in some cases even whole dog life. Other vaccines, such as against Rabies, must be spaced from three years be freshened up. At Leptospirosis Doctors recommend one annual refreshment of the vaccine. If in doubt, it is advisable to ask the veterinarian.

Core Vaccinations: Your dog should be protected against these diseases

Vaccination is essential for some dog diseases. This refers to highly contagious bacterial or viral diseases. The disease carriers are often wild animals, which transmit the serious diseases to the beloved dog - and can even mean the death of the animal friend. Although the Core vaccinations around no legal obligation acts, veterinarians emphasize that Importance of these vaccinations.

The indispensable recommendations include vaccinations against:

  • Distemper,
  • H.c.c. (Hepatitis contagiosa canis)
  • Parvovirus
  • Leptospirosis
  • rabies

Dogs may be vaccinated if this healthy, dewormed and both inside as well as externallyfree from parasites are. Puppies in particular should undergo a primary vaccination vaccination.

Vaccinations puppies

  • The basic immunization is carried out for the first time from the eighth week and then every four weeks and consists of two to three partial vaccinations. The final vaccination takes place after one year.
  • Revaccinations guarantee long-lasting security, as the protection of the Primary immunizations unfortunately only from limited duration is. In the case of many diseases, a refresher is sufficient Three year cycle (from the age of 2).

Non-core vaccinations for dogs: which ones are useful?

Non-core vaccinations are also voluntary. In this case it is always advisable to use the Use and Risks Carefully weigh such a vaccination. The veterinarians are happy to support you with their specialist knowledge, if and when a Non-core vaccination Make sense. For example, a Lyme disease vaccination can be useful for dogs that live in tick-rich areas on the way. In addition, dogs that are kept in the kennel should be protected from kennel cough as a precaution. Especially here there is a risk that the dog will come with you dangerousPathogens comes into contact.

What are the side effects of vaccinations in dogs?

Just like us humans, animal friends also suffer from possible things Vaccination Side Effects. In addition to fever, fatigue and loss of appetite are among the most dreaded side effects

  • This includes the classic "bump" (swelling) that occurs at the vaccination site.

  • Despite being vaccinated, the dog becomes ill with the Infectious disease. One of the most common causes is the wrong one Storage of the vaccine.

  • Vaccination damage - such as an abscess - caused by the vaccine or the Vaccination technique be evoked.

Which travel vaccination does the dog need for abroad?

Depending on which foreign domicile one aspires to apply different Regulations for vaccinations, that of the four-legged friends before entryimperative must prove. The most important Preventive vaccination when traveling within the EU is the Rabies vaccination. To be on the safe side, the dog should also do this show all vaccinationslisted under “Core Vaccinations: Your Dog Should Be Protected Against These Diseases”.

Tip: Go on vacation - when does the vaccination have to be given before the trip?

Vaccinations must be at least 30 daysin front entry into another country takes place and is not allowed older than a year be. It should also be noted that some countries national special regulations have imposed on entry.

Dog vaccination: which insurance covers the costs?

So that the dog one happy and especially living healthy can lead, he should be vaccinated regularly - every dog ​​has a vaccination certificate. The dog owner pays for the costs of a vaccination. Hand on heart: at least dog owners regularly put money aside, especially for dog vaccinations.

in the Insurance sector there is therefore the option of taking out dog health insurance. With it, owners can protect themselves from the vaccination costs for their dog. A good tariff comes as part of your pension coverage for Vaccinations on.

It cannot be dismissed that the Priority is given to cost protection for major operations or expensive veterinary treatments Has. Dog owners, however a lot of emphasis on regular vaccinations You can use the free comparison calculator to quickly and easily find dog health insurances that cover vaccinations.