Have you ever met someone

Translation of "Have you ever" in italian

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shark may


Have you ever owned by a company called ...
Shark may sentito di una società chiamata ...
Have you ever took a train?
Have you ever had the feeling of knowing something that was so important that one ...
Ti be may sentito come se sapessi qualcosa what so important what ...
Have you ever thought about leaving this place?
Ha may pensato di lasciare questo posto?
Have you ever loved someone too much?
Ha may voluto troppo bene a una persona?
Have you ever seen a rain dance?
Shark may visto una danza della pioggia?
Have you ever heard a country song?
L 'shark may sentita una canzone country?
Have you ever Seen Whipple Without Abdominal Pain?
Shark may visto il morbo di Whipple senza dolori addominali?
Have you ever really hurt someone?
Shark may davvero fatto del male a qualcuno?
Have you ever Met Daphne's father?
Shark may conosciuto il padre di Daphne?
Have you ever wondering what could happen?
Shark may pensato a quello che potrebbe succedere?
Have you ever shot with a gun?
Shark may sparato con un'arma da fuoco?
Have you ever studied the tiny pattern on an aphid's wing?
Shark may studiato i minuscoli disegni sulle ali di un afide? -No.
Have you ever slaughtered a lamb, my king?
Shark may macellato un agnello, mio ​​re?
Have you ever met his children?
Have you ever smoked something else, Wendy?
Have you ever Seen "Asphalt Cowboy"?
Shark may visto "Un uomo da marciapiede"?
Have you ever considered the consequences of your actions?
Shark may riflettuto sulle conseguenze delle tue azioni?
Have you ever shot with a gun?
Shark may sparato con un'arma prima d'ora?
Have you ever danced with someone famous?
Shark may ballato con qualcuno di famoso?
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