How do you see deleted Facebook profiles

Experts advise : Prepare to exit Facebook with a fake profile

If you want to turn your back on Facebook forever, you should proceed strategically. Because even deleted accounts may remain stored on the servers as so-called shadow profiles with all user data and could continue to be used for advertising purposes, reports the magazine “PC Magazin” (issue 12/13). The existence of shadow profiles became known through a software glitch on Facebook in June this year, in which unpublished contact information was passed on to other users by millions of members - including contacts from profiles that had long been deleted.
Before deleting them from their profile, dropouts should create a completely new profile with incorrect information - and take four to eight weeks for the process. Because if you change the account too quickly, you risk, according to the information, that the changes will not be transferred to the shadow profile and the work will be in vain because personal information is left behind.

Before leaving Facebook, first inform all friends

First you should inform friends about the planned step and exchange alternative contact details with everyone you only know via Facebook, the experts advise. Next, you download a backup of all your data. To do this, click in the account settings on "Load a copy" and then "Download archive". A link to download your own collected works will then be sent by email.
Next, it's a good idea to remove any images that show you. This works for your own photos via the photo section of the chronicle under “Your photos”. In the case of photos of other members, you have to inquire whether they are willing to delete the respective image. If someone refuses, you can request deletion on Facebook by clicking on the pencil symbol in the top right corner of the picture and then successively clicking on "Report marker / Is this your intellectual property? / Report a legal violation to Facebook".
A new name is also needed. It can be edited in the account settings under "General". The experts advise choosing a common name - also for the Facebook username, which otherwise corresponds to the normal name. Network affiliations, for example to cities, schools or universities, should then be deleted, as well as possibly stored telephone numbers. The personal user picture must also be exchanged. Royalty-free images of people that can be used for this purpose can be found at, for example.
To be on the safe side, you should still read the license conditions in detail for the selected image.

Replace real friends with fake friends when leaving Facebook

Users shouldn't forget to exchange real friends for new fake friends. Facebook friends can be deleted by holding the mouse pointer over the friends icon and then clicking the "Remove as friend" button that appears. For example, at you can find Facebook groups that randomly add each other as friends.
In the next step in the chronicle column on the left, all real "Like" information under "Other / More" must be removed. Then you should be added according to the information randomly new pages, films, music and personalities, which are presented in the "Like" area.

What experts advise before you get out of Facebook

The magazine advises that you should take extra care to clear up your activity log. The link to the minutes can be found in the lower right corner of the chronicle front page.
You should also meticulously delete comments and "likes" that you have left on the pages of friends. The same applies to personal markings in third-party contributions. Otherwise connections to even distant friends can be further traced. At the bottom of the log, apps that have access to the Facebook account must then be deleted.
As the second to last step, the email address used to log in to Facebook must be deleted. The experts recommend getting a temporary address from a one-way email service like to exchange. You add it as a new address on Facebook and click on the link in the confirmation email from Facebook on The one-way address on Facebook can then be marked as the primary email address and all other linked real addresses that have been used so far can be deleted.

At the end there is the actual deactivation and deletion. To deactivate, go to "Security / Active Sessions / Deactivate My Account" in the settings. In the help pages at there is finally the form for deletion. After this has been sent, the account is still in the status of deactivation for two weeks. The pitfall: If you log in during this time, you can undo the deletion. dpa

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