How do you become a Dutch doctor

Medical information

Of course, one hopes that everyone stays healthy on vacation. But disaster happens quickly and sometimes you have to seek medical help. Holland offers excellent medical care.

    Emergency treatment

    If you need immediate medical attention, you can reach the emergency call center (police, fire brigade and ambulance service) on the international emergency number 112. Emergency calls are free of charge from public telephones. The ambulance service (including ambulance transport) is not free and you have to pay for the services provided yourself.

    If you need medical (dental) care and are staying in a hotel, please contact the reception. There you will be forwarded to a doctor assigned to the hotel. If you are staying with friends or relatives, please contact their general practitioner or dentist.

    The Dutch health insurance system

    Health care in the Netherlands is based on a referral system in which patients always go to a family doctor first. Specialists generally only treat patients who have been referred by a general practitioner.

    The national health service of the Netherlands does not cover costs for visitors to the country. It is therefore advisable to carry out an estimate of the costs incurred before any treatment. Make an appointment with the doctor's practice by telephone before each visit to the doctor.

    You can find more information about the Dutch health insurance system on the website of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

    Medical care in the Netherlands

    Medical care in the Netherlands is of high quality and comparable to medical care in many Western European countries. Specialists and special medical equipment are available for all medical fields. Hospitals are well equipped and there are maternity and many other specialty clinics. Most doctors speak English.

    Medicines are usually available on site. Medicines are often not from the same manufacturers as in other countries and are more expensive on average. If it is foreseeable that you will need certain medication during your stay in Holland, you should bring this and important medical documents with you.