Is it illegal to sell expired food? wrote:Hello. I am a student and work on the side for a personnel service provider. I have had the pleasure of working at a racecourse near Vienna a few times in the past month.

The first time I was in a small bar, where only drinks, coffee and bread rolls were served. Since I was already there at 9 a.m. and the event didn't start until 2 p.m., I tried to kill myself a bit and took a closer look at the labels of the drinks on offer.

And lo and behold. About 3/4 of all drinks (Cola, Fanta, iced tea, even beer and tea) and the entire range of coffee creams had expired. Some have only been a few days, but some have been for months and I have even met some drinks with an expiration date of March 2005.

Of course, I reported this to my superior, who immediately called the organizer. Now, of course, he had the dilemma that he couldn't find a replacement at such short notice (or maybe he could, but in any case he didn't). he then took away some of the spoiled food proforma but left most of it for sale.

I was not particularly touched because I am very well aware that a cola is not poisonous just because the label says it has exceeded its use-by date, but 3 weeks later I was back on the racetrack. And this time in the restaurant. And because I'm just curious, I looked again at the labels of the things that were offered (to be honest, I assumed that you learned a little something after the last incident). Without exception, everything expired. Again dutifully told the supervisor, who then dutifully called the organizer, who again had 10-12 bottles taken away proforma and read the rest there and also made huge sales with it.

Since I am studying nutritional science, I care about all of this. But to be honest, I don't know how to act now either. Can I show this anonymously somewhere? Or what do you think it is advisable to do here?
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a friend of mine works at the market office and I know from him that there are quite anonymous (telephone) reports. Very often employees call various restaurants and draw attention to grievances, because they just can't see it anymore.

What my friend often says about G'schichteln how it looks in the kitchens is really horrible ...

The point is that I'm not even sure whether it is even illegal to sell drinks or food with an expired best-before date.

And before someone shouts "Of course it's illegal, you idiot", I'll refer you to the following link:
with the quote:

Quote:Neither the best-before date nor the use-by date can be used to legally derive a claim if the product is no longer fit for consumption before the specified date and the manufacturer can prove the reliability of the information provided. Products with an expired best-before date may be resold provided the seller is satisfied that the goods are in perfect condition. Accordingly, it can be deduced from this that the customer has no claim for damages if he purchases a product with an expired best-before date without intent, provided that the product can still be considered to be flawless. Products with an expired best-before date can generally still be processed, whereby the processor may expose himself to a higher risk of being prosecuted in the event of damage.

Of course it may only be the case in Germany, but one of you nutritionists will probably be able to help me, I hope: O
If they create an iphone shuffle, i'll may be interested. No display. Calling random numbers.