How was your birth experience

The birth: a mother tells

Tuesday 17th September

3:30 pm: I sit at the desk and read. According to the calculated date, there are still just under four weeks until the birth. Suddenly I feel that my seat cushion is wet. Immediately shoots through my head: The amniotic sac has burst! With the hospital bag packed next to me, I call my midwife to let her know that the time has come. My midwife pays me a visit and examines me closely. Using a pH test strip, she determines that the liquid on the seat cushion wasn't amniotic fluid, but some liquid from my bladder. My child was lying in my stomach in such a way that it pressed on my bladder. False alarm.

Thursday October 10th

17:30: We are invited to an Indian meal with friends. Even while eating, I feel cramp-like pain. It can't actually be contractions, because the pain I am in is absolutely bearable. In addition, it is pinching everywhere at the moment: in the back, in the pelvis, so why not in the stomach too?

8:00 p.m .: Somehow I don't feel like company anymore. My boyfriend and I are going home early. When my friend goes to sleep at 11 p.m., I stay on the sofa. I am somehow restless, still have a stomach ache and cannot find my way to sleep. Lying on the sofa, the pain is no longer so severe and I can concentrate fully on pasting the photos into my pregnancy album. At 5 a.m. I go to sleep. I'm still not tired, but I think some sleep will do me good. After rolling back and forth a few times, I fall asleep.

Friday October 11th

8:00 am: I wake up three hours later: my stomach is rumbling and I'm not feeling well. I guess the Indian food wasn't that good for me after all. The pain keeps getting worse. And there are short pauses between the pain.

9:30 am: I'll call my midwife. She'll come by immediately and examine me. I slowly realize: these are contractions. There are actually still five days until the expected due date. My midwife says the cervix is ​​three centimeters open. I panic. I don't want to have the child at home, but the clinic is 45 minutes away by car.

10:15 am: Even though I've been in constant labor now, I get into the car. The midwife gives us advice about which clinic is on our way. My friend is at the wheel. He's trying to calm me down. Every red light seems like an eternity to me. I squirm back and forth in the passenger seat, straighten my legs and pull them back to me and can only think of one thing: please don't let me get it in the car.

11:00 o'clock: Done! I drag myself to the entrance area. Under normal circumstances, I would probably have been uncomfortable standing every few feet against the wall and moaning loudly and breathing. But I don't care about that right now, the pain is so strong.

1:35 pm: I am in such bad pain and I would really like to push. But the midwife says I have to hold it back. The cervix is ​​not ready yet. To relieve the cramps, the midwife puts water in a bathtub for me. My friend is sitting next to it and holding my hand. The pain subsides a little. Or am I just imagining it? I feel very dim from the hot air and warm water. After 20 minutes the midwife helps me out of the water. The doctor in charge gives me a contraceptive and a light PDA so that I can gather strength for the birth. The remedy works quickly and I take a breather. I am tired and exhausted and have hardly slept since yesterday.

3:30 pm: The contractions are slowly starting again. I think it's starting now. But I'm not afraid, I've regained my strength after the break in labor and finally want to see my baby. The cervix is ​​now ten centimeters open. The midwife says that the amniotic sac has already burst. I didn't even notice. Maybe it happened in the bathtub. No matter. I can finally press. Here we go.

6 p.m .: I stand on the hospital bed in the four-legged position, I prop my arms on the raised headboard of the mattress. I press. And it really hurts. I try to breathe the pain out of my body. With the next contraction, the pressure becomes almost unbearable. "That was the head," says the midwife behind me. After the second contraction, the pressure is a little less. I hear my friend say that our child is up to her neck out there. I am drenched in sweat and concentrated.

The third contraction is painful. I press, hold my breath and breathe out long and deep. Then I feel that the birth is over now: my son is here. Because I am standing in the four-legged position, I cannot see him at first. I don't hear screaming. And then someone timidly sneezes: "Hatschi". That's him! When he's on my chest, I look at him very carefully. I hardly dare to breathe. He is so small and delicate. I am proud of my performance and am full of endorphins. And one thing I already know for sure: I could do that again!