What are the biggest questions for mankind

Glossenhauer: The great questions of humanity

Hey Mankind! You! Yes, you! Stand still. One question: the US and Iran are on the verge of a war. What do you think of there, humanity? - Humanity: "Aha. Yes, but that's not nice. Especially for the people in there
. . . where is that actually? Yeah, down there. Well, stupid even for them. So if it really starts now, you don't want to swap. Honestly not. And that's why I honestly say: are we glad we don't live there. Down there. "Yes, humanity, is that all? - Humanity:" Yes. "

But what humanity do you think about the forest fires in Australia? -

Humanity: "Something like that." And what, humanity? - Humanity: "That we are also very happy that we don't live there. Down there." Is that it? - Humanity: "No, of course not. We are also very sad that the koalas are burning. Charred koalas, quasi Verkoalas, haha... No, seriously: Who wants to see that? They are so cute. Not charred. On the other hand You also have to be happy, because poisonous snakes and annoying insects also burn and when we go there on vacation next year - or rather the next year, we might save ourselves a vaccination or two. Because we don't like being stung so much Neither from insects nor from syringes. "

Humanity, all you care about is your vacation? -

"No, no, no... We find this interesting from a global perspective: the Flood myth exists all over the world. In the Gilgamesh epic, in the Bible, among the ancient Greeks, the Indians, the Chinese and even with the Native Americans. Only with the Aborigines in Australia that doesn't exist. When you look at these pictures from down there ... you start to suspect why. It's interesting, isn't it? " But a whole continent is on fire! - "And that's not all! The State Department has been attacked by hackers." You're welcome . . . What? - "You have to talk about it once in a while. At first we as humanity thought: Why is the Social Councilor Peter Hacker attacking the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Until we figured it out, that wasn't him." Who else? - "You don't know. Maybe the Chinese? Or the Russians? Or the USA? The Iranians? Maybe it was also the task force to fight street crime? They like to march into their colleagues." So that interests you? - "Yes. And why? Because the foreign minister is the only minister from the previous cabinet who is still in office. Maybe you have to be hacked to keep the post?"

Are these the questions that move you, humanity? - "No. What we honestly have to ask ourselves is: Where do the Mozart sellers go when they are banned from the city center? Will the DAÖ also accept them? So to speak: The decommissioned Austria?"

Is that what you are dealing with, humanity? - "Just on the edge. Do you really want to know what totally shakes me? Where I have to say: You can't do that? It's a catastrophe! It's madness!" Yes, humanity, that's exactly what I want! What's this? - "Well, that Meghan and Harry don't want to be royals anymore. That's really the worst, isn't it?"

No more questions, humanity.