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A quick increase in one's own chess skills is the desire of every chess player. On this website you will get chess tips according to your skill level, which can give you an advantage over your opponent. We have divided them into three categories: "Tips for beginners", "General tips" and "Tips for club players". Thus, depending on the level of play, the appropriate area can be entered straight away. Of course, it doesn't hurt to read the other sections either.

We also offer instructions on how to learn chess. Here we introduce you to the game in easily understandable texts and illustrations. The FIDE Laws of Chess were used as the basis for this course. So you also get an overview of the currently valid chess rules!

Are you already an experienced chess player or do you want to become a great master? No problem, you can improve your skills in the training area. The area of ​​chess problems is particularly interesting, here over 1000 chess problems can be solved live in the browser.

But we don't limit ourselves to the area of ​​tactics, for example many articles revolve around the topics: chess openings, endgame and combinations. A visit to the training area is therefore worthwhile.

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