What can travel through vacuum

What are roll vacuum bags or travel vacuum bags?

Travel vacuum bags for rolling

Space savers for rolling up or travel vacuum bags are storage bags without a valve that can be emptied without a vacuum cleaner. Like the conventional storage systems with a valve, the roll vacuum bags also have a double zip closure for opening and reclosing. However, this type of bag does not have a valve. The air is not sucked out, but you actively press the air out of the closure by rolling up the vacuum bag. This means that you can comfortably use the bags in your suitcase while traveling, without having to use a vacuum cleaner. The bags are reusable and can be used again on every vacation.


What are travel vacuum bags made of?

A combination of the plastics polyethylene (PE) and polyamide (PA) enables the travel vacuum bags to be as stable and tear-resistant as possible while being transparent and not easily damaged in the case. Even the closed bags get wet on the way, the contents are always reliably protected. Polyethylene has good elasticity as a property and polyamide is very strong. This combination ultimately ensures that the travel bags are so stable. The thickness of the film and the composition of the material can vary depending on the manufacturer.


As with the normal vacuum bag, the roll-up version has one side of the bag with a zip closure, which is similar to the closure of a large freezer bag. This will pack your clothes in the travel vacuum bag. However, this is not intended for emptying with a vacuum cleaner. The travel bags are designed so that you can squeeze out the air yourself by rolling up the bag and its contents. In the rolled up state, then close the zip fastener with an enclosed slider and have thus created a vacuum. You can do this in no time at home or in the hotel without any problems in between.


The travel vacuum bags for roll-up are usually available in smaller formats than the version with a vacuum cleaner valve. This has the advantage that you can squeeze as much air as possible out of the bag with your own strength while it is being rolled up. The roll vacuum bags are particularly suitable when traveling and in suitcases, travel bags and hiking rucksacks.

In principle, you can pack any type of clothing in the vacuum bag. Perhaps a little formula can give you a better idea of ​​particularly suitable clothes. The more air volume is trapped in the clothing, the more you can suck out in the vacuum bag. Down jackets for winter holidays are more compressible than cotton t-shirts. It is best if you make sure when packing the clothes that they are folded well so that as few layers of fabric as possible are stacked and you can save the volume as much as possible.

When traveling, the travel vacuum bags are also ideal for dirty laundry. Especially on short trips you don't often have the opportunity to wash, or you would rather use the time differently. In addition, one would like to separate the clean clothes from the ones already worn. Simply pack your used laundry in the vacuum bag and seal it. Before you leave, squeeze or suck the air out so that the dirty laundry takes up as little space as possible.

Vacuum bags to roll up, what is best for?

  • T-shirts
  • Pants
  • Sweaters, sweatshirts
  • towels
  • Socks
  • Dirty laundry on the go
  • Jackets

Travel vacuum bags for winter and skiing holidays

Winter clothes

Warm clothing is particularly important for winter or skiing holidays. The ski pants or jacket can take up a lot of space in your luggage. But it doesn't stop there, as you also take warm sweaters and other warming clothing such as gloves and your hat with you. All of these things are very voluminous but can therefore also be compressed very well in the vacuum bags.

Is a vacuum bag with a valve suitable for rolling?

The principle of squeezing out air by rolling it up theoretically also works with vacuum bags with a valve for emptying with a vacuum cleaner. However, this is not recommended because the strong curling can damage the bag and the valve itself. The junction between the valve and the plastic film can become leaky due to the strong kinking. The valve can also cause damage to the rest of the bag when it is rolled up, which ultimately ensures that the film gets holes. So if you want to use your vacuum bag for as long as possible, you should also use the respective bag for its respective purpose, so you can use your space saver for a very long time.

Is a travel vacuum bag suitable for the suitcase?

Thanks to their small size, vacuum bags that can be rolled up are ideal for most suitcases and travel bags. Since there are different sizes to buy, you can always easily find a model that fits perfectly in your suitcase. Even several travel bags on top of each other do not cause any problems, on the contrary, you can use the little space a little better.


The vacuum bags for rolling are available in different sizes and formats. However, not all manufacturers also produce this version of the travel vacuum bag without a valve.

The differences between the individual brands for vacuum bags for roll-up are mainly due to these two points:

  • Size and format
  • Material and strength


Here you will find further helpful tips on what to consider especially with vacuum bags to be rolled up.

What do you have to pay particular attention to when traveling?

What do you need to consider in advance?


Compress your clothes on the journey with vacuum bags

Traveling by plane

When traveling by plane, the suitcase is often not quite sufficient to stow all clothes. At the end of packing, you notice that the travel bag no longer closes, or the tension is so high that you are afraid of damaging the closure. The contents of the case can usually be squeezed together very well, as you can see when you kneel or sit on the case. But sometimes stuffing and squeezing is simply not enough.

Save space in the case

You can make better use of the space in suitcases. Travel vacuum bags have been specially designed for travel and are ideally sized for bags and suitcases. Since a vacuum cleaner is not available in all holiday countries, most travel vacuum bags can also be used without additional aids such as the vacuum cleaner. Depending on the system, you can then squeeze the air out of the bag by rolling it up.

By removing most of the air in your suitcase, you can easily save a lot of space. No more squeezing and stuffing, now you can conveniently put the flat bag in the suitcase and simply unpack it again when you're on holiday.

Sucking air out of vacuum bags, how do I do this before my return trip?

Before leaving, you can of course use your own vacuum cleaner to suck out the air at home. On the return journey, however, things may look different and you may not have a vacuum cleaner available. There are several ways to prevent an uncomfortable situation.

How to get the air out of the vacuum bag without a vacuum cleaner in your luggage:

  • Use travel vacuum bags that are specially designed without a valve
  • Contact your hotel or accommodation in advance and ask if you can use a vacuum cleaner on site
  • There are hand pumps especially for the handy emptying of travel bags


If possible, you should use vacuum bags specially designed for travel, which can be used without aids. In this case, the air is pushed out by rolling up. Often there are also pumps with which you can suck the air out by hand. Some of these are sold directly with the corresponding vacuum bags. You may also be able to call or email your hotel or accommodation before your holiday to find out whether you can use a vacuum cleaner on site.

It is best to try out your options at home before you travel, so that everything fits in your luggage on the way back. When traveling by air, please also pay attention to the weight of the suitcase so that the restrictions are complied with and you do not have to pay an extra charge for excessively heavy luggage.

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