What started No Nut November

No Nut November: "Without orgasm I feel much more active"


In the so-called no-nut November, some men practice absolute abstinence this month. The community reports on their experiences.

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  • In the no-nut November, participants forego an orgasm for a month.

  • Reader Lino (22) has already participated in the past few years: "I notice that I am becoming more enterprising and more energetic."

  • The Bernese couple therapist Klaus Heer confirms that sexual abstinence brings with it special feelings.

The no-nut challenge spread from the USA on the internet from 2017: men should avoid any sexual activity for 30 days and, in particular, avoid ejaculation (nut = ejaculation).

The idea found fans worldwide - albeit for very different reasons: some men want to use it to curb their porn addiction, others raise money for prostate cancer patients, and still others believe in superpowers that should develop with abstinence.

The origin of the challenge is likely to be found in the so-called no-fap movement, a community that men join who want to free themselves from their porn and sex addiction.

«No Fap» is an Internet forum and the resulting movement of people who voluntarily restrict masturbation and the consumption of pornography. The name comes from the English "to fap", a slang term for male masturbation. While at the beginning mainly men were part of this movement, "No Fap" is now also practiced by women. “No Fap” is not about renouncing being together as partners or exchanging intimacy - that is still wanted, the orgasm is simply not the goal.

"At the end of the challenge, I had to solve my pain through masturbation"

20-minute reader Lino K. * (22) also has experience with the no-nut November and talks about his voluntary sexual abstinence: “My colleague and I are participating for the third year in a row. It all started with a bet back then: the one who cannot survive the no-nut November first and becomes sexually active has to pay the other person the exit for an evening. Dealing with the challenge was and is tough every year.

I try to distract myself with sport and avoid irritating contact with women. To my surprise, this worked well straight away, and I was able to pull it off on the first try. But not only that was surprising: I suddenly felt better too. In the first week of abstinence, I don't notice any change, but in the second week I suddenly have a surge of energy that lasts until the end of the challenge. I notice that I am becoming more enterprising and more energetic.

But you shouldn't be without sexual activity for too long: last year in November I felt severe pain in my crotch towards the end of the month. I checked the internet to see what can be done about it. I was suggested to masturbate. And indeed: After that, the pain was gone. Nevertheless, the no-nut November convinced me. Before participating for the first time, I masturbated almost every night and was listless. The challenge taught me to masturbate more consciously and not just because I was bored or I couldn't sleep. "

The muscles of the seminal ducts can cramp

The Bernese couple therapist Klaus Heer confirms that sexual abstinence brings with it special feelings: “Sexual abstinence sharpens senses and desire. It's much more powerful than porn, drugs or sexual mega-consumption. " Temporary abstinence from sex works as a real fire accelerator in bed. But can abstinence be harmful to your health? "No. Male sexuality is not a hydraulic machine that absolutely needs regular discharge so that it does not break. Sex is a wonderful luxury, ”says Heer.

However, pain could still arise: “After a while without orgasm, it is possible that the muscles of the seminal ducts become cramped. This can happen when you have no practice in enjoying sex without a climax, ”he says. These so-called cavalier pains are, however, harmless and will resolve themselves again.* Name known to the editor