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Eintracht f. ‘Agreement (in thinking and in conviction), unanimity, unity, compatibility’. In the 14th century, mnd.ēndracht and mhd. (Only md.) Entered in legal language. 'Agreement, arrangement, contract' is derived from mnd. (Over) ēndrāgen, (over) ēndrēgen, older över ēn, in ēn drāgen (mhd.about entering) 'to agree, agree, agree, resolve, agree'; see early handover, nl.overeendendung; see ↗ein1 Num. And ↗ wear, ↗Tracht. Eintracht only penetrates in the 16./17. Century (much later than unified and unified, see below) from nd.-md. Language area in the Obd. unanimous adj. ‘unanimous, peaceful’, mnd.ēndrachtich, ēndrechtich, mhd. (only md.) eintdrehec (13th century), since the 15th century also obd .; The education with a double suffix is ​​about the same age as amicable Adv. mnd.ēndrachtichlīk, latemhd.eintendeteclīche. Einharmigkeit f. Mnd.ēndrachtichēt, ēndrechtichēt, mhd.eintrehtecheit (14th century), penetrating into the obd. In the 15th century. Discord f. ‘Disagreement, dispute’, mnd.twēdracht, twīdracht, mhd.zwitraht (around 1300), derived from mnd.twēdrāgen, twēdrēgen, entwey drāgen, drēgen, mhd.zwoerten ‘disunite, split up’; like Eintracht vom Nd.-Md. starting out, however, earlier on the obd. Commonly in the connection sowing discord to create discord ’, which follows the Latin discordiās serere. contradicting adj. ‘disagreed’, mnd.twēdrachtich, mhd.zwitrtic (14th century). The whole group of words is to be considered from today's sense of language (see d.).