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Social media buttons for WordPress in perfection: Social Warfare plugin

Last updated on September 18, 2018 at 3:32 pm

With Social Warfare, a new competitor recently entered the stage of paid sharing plugins. If you compete against top dogs like ESSB, you have to have a lot to offer. The comprehensive social media integration package scores with a well thought-out admin interface, unbeatable performance, a perfect range of functions (including the absence of unnecessary bells and whistles) and a number of unique selling points.

The license costs $ 29 per domain. And not once, but annually. The fact that more and more plug-in providers are switching from the lifetime model to subscription does not surprise me in any way: Support and further development need to be financed. In addition, there is no shortage of free alternatives. I introduced some of them in the article How to Integrate Social Media Share Buttons in WordPress.

And anyway: what can be so complicated about a few colorful buttons? Finally, one could do without social sharing buttons entirely. After all, every website visitor has the option of copying links and posting them manually on the social network of their choice.

In principle, one cannot contradict that. But first of all, webmasters are not unselfishly happy to accommodate the convenience of their visitors. So if there are share buttons on the page, the likelihood that content will actually be shared increases enormously.

Second, such plugins now do a lot more than just insert buttons into every article. The insertion of metadata, precisely adaptable designs, flexible share counters and integrated additional features such as "Click to Tweet" make social sharing extensions into extensive all-in-one solutions in terms of social media integration.

Social warfare supports all relevant networks. (Sorry, Xing.)

This saves the installation of several plugins and has a positive effect - i.e. in the best case hardly at all - on the loading time.

I already have a sharing plugin, what's so special about Social Warfare?

Buttons that can be designed flexibly and are suitable for mobile use are a must for every sharing solution. In this discipline, Social Warfare does very well with countless combinations: whether round, square, individual buttons connected to a bar, there should be something for every taste - without any CSS tinkering. The plug-in is just as flexible when it comes to placing the sharing bar: The positions "above and / or below the content" and "floating" can be set separately for each content type (postings, pages, etc.).

The design options allow over 5,000 different combinations.

Like many competitors, Social Warfare also takes care of the integration of complete social meta tags according to OpenGraph and Twittercards standard. So far, so good - other plugins can do all of this as well. But SWF has some unique selling points that make the tagline Your ultimate sharing arsenal do not make it appear exaggerated:

  • Customizable metadata per posting: Instead of using the featured image, you can create a Facebook image for each posting in the ideal landscape format as well as a Pinterest image with title and description. The tweet message is also freely selectable.
  • Counter with threshold value: If desired, SWF shows the number of previous shares per selected network and in total. Optionally, you can set a threshold value so that the counter is only displayed from a specified minimum number of shares.
  • Integrated frame buster: Prevents your own page from being shared within frames with 3rd party branding.
  • Google Analytics integration: All shared links are automatically attached to Google's UTM tracking syntax - super practical for later evaluation.
  • Shortcodes & Widgets: The buttons can also be freely integrated into the content using WordPress shortcodes or via php snippets at the desired location in the template. A configurable "most shared content" posting is also on board.
  • BitlyLink Shortener Integration: If desired, SWF shortens all links via Bitly.
  • Twitter Counter: Thanks to the integration with newsharecounts.com, SWF enables the display of Twitter shares.

An absolute killer feature that I have never seen in any other plugin is behind the inconspicuous menu item Share recovery: Anyone who has ever relocated their site, switched from http to https or changed the permalink syntax knows the problem: All share counts are gone. Social Warfare makes up for it and adds the old share counts to the new links. Works very well - I was recently able to test the function live when I switched from the subdomain datenschmutz.net to datenschmutz.

The performance of the software surpasses any other sharing plugin by far - SWF actually has almost no measurable influence (!) On the loading time of the page, as my plugin performance case study recently discovered.

Who Needs Social Warfare?

Professional bloggers and commercial website owners value social media as a strong and reliable source of traffic. If you are looking for a Swiss Army Knife for social media integration in WordPress, you will bypass Social Warfare in my opinion.

The well thought-out, clearly structured administration interface, the powerful range of functions and the lightning-fast loading time make SWF the means of share choice for professionals - for which I personally like to pay $ 29 dollars per year.

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comprehensive functionality
The $ 29 a year is very well invested.
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