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Whether with meat, fish or vegetarian: everyone will find a simple recipe to suit their taste here - and the next lunch or dinner is saved.

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What should I cook with vegetables?

Many vegetarian dishes are not only delicious, but are also suitable for your everyday kitchen thanks to their easy preparation. Popular vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and the like are ideal ingredients for simple dishes. Even seasonal vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, spinach or pumpkin can be cooked with the right recipe without much effort - whether fried from the pan, as aromatic oven vegetables or deliciously marinated in a salad. This is how you turn a vegetarian dish into a feast for every day.

Three servings of colorful vegetables and legumes should be on your menu every day. They provide you with plenty of nutrients, fiber and secondary plant substances.

Our tip: If you pay attention to regional and seasonal vegetables when shopping, you cook sustainably, healthily and at the same time save your wallet. Our weekly schedule also helps you to structure your shopping.


What should I cook with fish?

If you don't always eat meat, but don't want to do without animal proteins entirely, you are well positioned with fish or dairy products. Many varieties like salmon, trout and redfish contain important nutrients like that Vitamins D and B12 and Omega-3 fatty acidsthat are little or nonexistent in other foods. Our delicious recipes offer inspiration for a varied menu - because they are all easy to prepare and ideal for every day!

Fish belongs on the table once or twice a week.

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What should I cook with meat?

Meat not only tastes good, it also provides our body with valuable proteins. Thanks to this filling source of protein, you can even do without carbohydrates in many of our recipes - and easily eat a low carb diet.

In addition to classic meatballs and schnitzel, you will also find simple stir-fry dishes with chicken or pork fillets. Hearty soups and stews with minced meat or recipes from the tray, for example with turkey meat, are among our most popular recipes and are also quickly prepared.

Two to three meals a week with high-quality meat are completely sufficient to benefit from valuable ingredients such as iron, selenium and zinc.

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What should I cook for children?

Spinach is bogus, broccoli too healthy, and carrots mustn't be mentioned in the first place. Cooking for children is always a challenge - not least because everyone should enjoy it in the end. With our recipes, it is now very easy to bring healthy food to the table that the little ones will also enjoy. Hidden in the stew, between the gnocchi or meatballs that are too juicy, the vegetables taste much better - and make everyday cooking a lot easier for parents!

In our article on baking with children you will also find lots of great tips and recipes for spending time together in the kitchen!

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