How do I text a man?

Wrap it around your finger with these Whatsapp text messages:

There's this one guy. You have only just got to know each other and you are already floating on cloud 7. The sparks have already sprayed on your date - of course it should stay that way. But the next reunion will take a while? No problem! We'll tell you now how you can easily wrap it around your finger even without a candlelight dinner and romantic togetherness. Your new flirting tool: SMS, Whatsapp & Co. With the right messages, we guarantee you: This is how he'll fall in love with you before the next date!

1. Whatsapp trick: keep it short

Especially when you are freshly in love and have a lot of butterflies in your stomach, you would like to share every little thing with your loved one and just keep the conversation going all the time. You definitely shouldn't do THAT! It is no secret that most men are not fans of long and detailed Whatsapp messages. Let's look at this tactic right away and answer his questions with brief but nice answers.

Try to answer in sentences as short as possible, without revealing too much about yourself, but still showing him how sexy, intelligent and humorous you are. You are out with friends and he asks you what you are doing right now?
A casual: "We're having a drink. I'll write you later!", makes you much more interesting to him than the name of the bar, the drink you are drinking and what you have planned afterwards. Men like more mysterious women and then want to know more about you.

Plus: The thought that you're jumping from bar to bar with your girls and getting to know a few hot guys is guaranteed to make him a little jealous!

2. Whatsapp trick: make compliments

We women love compliments. We often forget: Men also love compliments and want to be flattered. Because let's be honest: who is not happy about it?

Whatsapp messages like "I can't get your smile out of my head" or "You just looked great" will definitely put a smile on his face. Then write to him if he doesn't expect it! You know he's at work right now and you haven't written before? Perfect! A message like this during a boring day-to-day work is guaranteed to please him and is the perfect flirtation for in between.

3. Whatsapp trick: be positive and have fun!

Men love positive women who enjoy life and are in a good mood. Bitches, divas and constantly nagging girls are the absolute turn-off for many men and are a dime a dozen. Men can rarely imagine a relationship with such a woman. Especially at the beginning, your chosen one should get to know your positive characteristics and facets. He asks you how your day was

The perfect answer to this: "My day was great. I'm in a really good mood. Everything is going as I imagine it!" With your positive nature you are guaranteed to infect him and he will be looking forward to the next date and the next conversation with you.

4. Whatsapp trick: be busy!

Independent and independent women are sexy! For many men, there is nothing worse in a relationship than clinging friends and women who do not have a life of their own. Do you have a job, friends and love to be out and about? Show him that and let him see that your life is not all about him and his time.
How do you do it best?

The most important Whatsapp rule of all: Don't answer immediately. Women who immediately jump on their cell phones and diligently hit the keys as soon as a new message comes from their loved one, quickly appear dependent and not at all sexy. Better to write to him after work, after all, he is not number 1 on your list of priorities! Less is often more, especially when it comes to the amount of text messages. He'd rather run after you than the other way around!

5. Whatsapp trick: awaken memories

Are you currently sitting in the café where you had your first date? Send him a photo and write "Do you remember?" Reminding him of shared and beautiful moments is a great way to make him think more about you and your time together. Especially if you have been in a relationship for a long time and are no longer in love, such messages can remind you of your early days and remind him why he fell in love with you back then.

Of course, you shouldn't send him ten photos and messages on Whatsapp every day, but there's nothing wrong with taking a selfie at your common place.

6. Whatsapp trick: show feelings

Even if men do not like to give it: Of course they also want to know what you think, how you feel and whether you miss him at the moment. Do you lie in your bed in the evening and have to think about your chosen one? Then tell him that - but not in the form of long declarations of love. Often it is enough to simply say "I miss you" or "I would like to be with you" to write and he will look forward to seeing you again while reading the message.