Video game microtransactions will eventually go away

Developer veteran: "Video games have to get more expensive"

Do games have to get more expensive? Cory Barlog, Creative Director of PS4 Masterpiece God of War, advocates it. The game developer has been part of the industry since 2002 and has worked as an executive at Paradox Development, Crystal Dynamics and SIE Santa Monica Studio. After the release of God of War In 2018, Barlog is currently taking a break - but he would like to return to the industry to develop a new game.

More expensive game instead of microtransactions

According to Barlog, this should cost more than $ 59.99. "Games have to get more expensive. I prefer a price increase to games that are contaminated with microtransactions," he replied to a user who emphasized that he did not want to spend $ 70 on a game. NBA 2K21 for the PS5 and Xbox Series X should cost that much. However, the series is known for the fact that Publisher 2K relies heavily on microtransactions.

The price screw has not been turned since 2005

It is still unknown whether other manufacturers will follow suit and make games for the new generation of consoles more expensive. 2K was the first to take the risk and attracted a lot of criticism. As of 2005, the standard price of blockbusters has been $ 59.99. In recent years, however, payment elements such as microtransactions and loot boxes have been added - even with full-price titles, you are asked to pay. At the same time, however, the development costs have risen in view of increased requirements.

Microsoft wants to accommodate gamers

Should you buy a game for the current generation, Microsoft wants to ensure that players are not asked to pay when they upgrade to the next generation. Microsoft calls this "Smart Delivery" and Sony also wants to enable this feature. At Fifa 21, Cyberpunk 2077, Destiny 2 and Assassin's Creed: Valhalla You don't pay anything if you buy the game for the Xbox One and then want to use it on the Series X. So it is also possible to save money before the price screw is turned. (dk, July 9th, 2020)