Can evolution and Christianity be compatible?

Creationism - creation versus evolution

The culmination of the legal dispute was the Dayton, Tennessee "monkey trial" in 1925, in which a teacher on behalf of educational groups led a model trial against the US state that had recently forbidden to teach Darwin's theory of evolution.

In the process, a decision was made against the teacher, but the verdict was overturned due to formal errors. For creationism, the public debate over the process was a failure, as its views were ridiculed around the world.

Creationism as part of the biology class

Yet creationism by no means disappeared. Judging by the "resolute rejection" of the theory of evolution, more than 40 percent in the United States in 2016 represent the point of view of creationists, which is significantly more than in any other western industrial nation.

Evangelical groups have long been politically lobbying to ensure that creationism is taught in schools as an equal alternative to evolutionary theory.

They were even able to win over the then US President George W. Bush for this demand: In August 2005 he advocated that the teaching of "intelligent design" should be taught in biology in schools as being on a par with the theory of evolution.

"Intelligent Design" is the creationist thesis that the origin of the universe and life can best be explained by an intelligence - a creator - and not by a process free of control such as mutation and selection.

In the US state of Kansas, "intelligent design" is now actually taught on an equal footing with evolutionary theory in schools.

Creationism in Germany

Even if creationism is hardly present in public in Germany and its ideas are ridiculed: In part of the evangelical movement and in many free churches in Germany, creationism is now part of the world interpretation. Here it is taken for granted that the Bible is right and science is wrong.

The most important creationist organization in the German-speaking area is the study group "Wort und Wissen" founded in 1979 by Theodor Ellinger and Horst W. Beck and based in Baiersbronn.

In the free church it has established itself as the authority for the rejection of the theory of evolution. A group of several thousand people support "Word and Knowledge", and it is probably the best-equipped creationist organization in Europe in terms of both human and scientific resources.