What are the mistakes of your life

Intimate Confessions: The Biggest Mistake of My Life

Melanie (49): "I cheated on my husband with my childhood sweetheart"

“I was having an affair. I've been with Tim for 17 years. He carries me on his hands. Only the sex is not so tingly anymore. Then my childhood sweetheart Olaf wrote to me on Facebook. I was curious and made an appointment with him. A fun evening with lots of wine. He wanted me. I felt great. We spent a hot night. But the guilty conscience afterwards - cruel. I confessed everything to Tim. He says he forgives me. But our marriage has a crack. "

Kirsten (32): "I wouldn't go to waste in the office with a Bachelor's degree"

“Shortly before graduation, I quit my studies. The thesis grew over my head and I was unhappily in love. I would have pulled myself together! Since then I not only have a gap in my résumé, but also mess up in an office job with no prospects. I'm thinking about re-enrolling at the university. "

Sandra (45): "My boyfriend didn't want the baby, so I aborted it"

“Mike and I were careless, and then it happened: I got pregnant. I was 20, we'd just moved in together, and both of them were in their final year of training. Mike made it clear to me that he didn't want the baby. He planned to make his master first and wanted to experience a lot more. And he said the whole thing couldn't be financially viable. I was torn. But finally I let him persuade me. I was so scared that otherwise he would leave me. Well Two years later, our relationship broke up. Even though it was 25 years ago and I am now happily married and have two children, I still think about the unborn baby a lot. "

Ute (36): "I missed the adventure of my life"

“My friend Anja and I wanted to travel to Australia after our studies. I had saved up for that. But then I got to know Niklas and couldn't bear the thought of not seeing him for four months. I canceled Australia and planned my future with him. I can still catch up on traveling, I thought. But the years passed without me tackling this project again ... and now I have neither time nor money for it. "

Olga (45): "Grandma's jewelry didn't mean anything to me"

“I was 16 when Grandma died. She bequeathed her beloved jewelry to me. And me? I sold everything and got the money on my head. Today I am missing these memorabilia. I wish my mother had said something. "

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